Urban violence doesn’t bother the nation’s conscience. Why?

What hypocrisy! A gang of Chicago youths attack a 68-year-old man sleeping on a commuter train, first trying to rob him and then pummeling him with kicks and punches.

Where’s the outrage? Where are the stories in the national media about the dangers of urban violence? How come no one has demanded justice?

That’s easy. Because there is a double standard in place. Consider:

Just over one year ago, the national media was outraged by one Catholic kid from Covington, Kentucky, standing stoically in front of a Native American activist banging a drum in his face.

The Catholic kid was dangerous, we were told. He was a racist, a monster in a MAGA hat. For weeks, clips of Nick Sandmann standing his ground were played on a virtual tape loop as the corrupt Fake News Media smeared him as a symbol of all that is wrong in Donald Trump’s America.

What had he done? Nothing. Just not be triggered by an effort to provoke him. He wasn’t the face of evil, as CNN, the Washington Post, NBC and other news outlets made him out to be. (CNN ultimately settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by Sandmann; other lawsuits remain active in court.)

In the meantime, on Feb. 3 this year, a gang of inner city youth inflict actual physical harm on an elderly man, and there’s not a peep out of the national media. We do know about the case because a local Fox News affiliate obtained surveillance video of the attack, but other news reports have been few and far between.

The video is stunning. At first, one suspect apparently tries to pick the pocket of the victim, who then awakens and tries to resist. At that point, a number of young people attack the elderly man and repeatedly kick and punch him. The man was later treated for cuts and blunt force trauma. No one has been arrested as the victim was not able to identify his assailants.

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Two questions. How can people continue to live in Democrat-run cities in America? And how much fear do people carry with them in those cities? Notice that no one on the train tries to come to the aid of the victim. I don’t blame them. When you live an a lawless society, you cannot count on the protection of the law.

It appears that the media just takes urban violence for granted. They, like the Democrats, apparently don’t think we should expect the streets (and trains) of Chicago to be safe. It’s time to stop looking the other way. We can and should expect more. This is America. It’s time to take back our cities.


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  1. That is the daily MO for those cities where the Donkeys have ruled, not govern, for years. Liberal can’t govern as they are Progressive that want Authoritarian rule, not governing rule. That is not what the MM is interested about. RLS

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