Chris Matthews gives blow-by-blow commentary on Democrat debate bloodbath

Plenty of heavyweight championship fights have been fought in Las Vegas over the years. Leave it to an old-time political pro like Chris Matthews to turn the Nevada Democratic Presidential Debate into a title fight that left the stage in a pool of blood.

MSNBC hosted the debate, so you know everything swung left, and Matthews himself is a stained-blue Democrat, but he comes from the era when Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan used to enjoy drinks and cigars after hard-fought battles, so his commentary is often much more fair than that of others on MSNBC.

Just last week, Matthews told his MSNBC audience that he is old enough to know that communism is a bad idea, and that if Cuba and the communists like them had prevailed in the United States, he would not be surprised if he had been dragged into Central Park and shot.

Here he acknowledges that President Trump was the probable winner of the Democratic debate, which turned into a brawl. It’s quite entertaining to watch Matthews build on the boxing metaphor as he compares the debate to a 1950’s boxing match, and concludes that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t have a “cut man” to stanch the blood flow!

It should be acknowledged that host Brian Williams got the boxing metaphor started when he said that the six candidates “brought haymakers for the first round.”

Matthews said he had never seen anything like it, first comparing the debate to gladiators in the Roman Coliseum, then veering back to the extended boxing metaphor.

“It was boxing in the 1950s. You wait for the other guy — Carmen Basilio or somebody like that — to get a cut over their eye, and then you keep punching the cut over their eye over and over and over again. That’s what they did to Bloomberg.

“That’s what Elizabeth Warren did to Bloomberg. She knew his weak [spot] was the NDA [non-disclosure agreement issue] and she kept punching the spot and it kept bleeding and bleeding. He had no way to stop it. He didn’t have a ‘cut man.’

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“He should have had somebody before the event, the bout tonight, to warn him, ‘This is what they’re gonna hit you on, and they’re gonna keep hitting you on it till you answer ‘Release the women’ or something.”

Matthews also talked about how Pete Buttigieg pounded Amy Klobuchar.

“It was a boxing match in which nobody pulled back and said enough, and nobody clinched. Everybody kept fighting.”

Watch the video to see Chris Matthews play the Burgess Meredith role of Mickey in the original “Rocky.”


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