Liberalism is the coronavirus of Fox News

Mirroring the rapid spread of coronavirus through the world is the spread of liberalism through Fox News. There were isolated cases over the last several years such as Juan Williams and Shepard Smith, but they did not seem contagious. It was not until Paul Ryan arrived in the board of Fox News that we saw a rapid spread of the liberal virus throughout the schedule.

Exhibit A has been  the transition of Chris Wallace from Fake Moderate to Full-Blown Never Trumper. His interview today of Marc Short, Mike Pence’s chief of staff, was infuriating. Wallace started off by touting the Fake News story that the Russians are working to get a Trump elected in 2020, and it was as if he had never heard of the Mueller Report and was completely oblivious of the massive evidence that the most election interference in 2016 was instigated by Democrats and the Deep State.

Wallace wholeheartedly endorsed the leaked story reported by the New York Times, even though it had been debunked by numerous administration officials, members of Congress, and the president himself. Hell, even CNN and Jake Tapper figured out this was bullshit. According to the Times, a low-level member of the intelligence community had briefed Adam Schiff’s tainted Intel Committee that Putin was worked to get a Trump re-elected. Only problem is that Republicans on the Committee said she gave no evidence to back up her theory. Also, senior Intelligence Community people said they had never seen any intel to back up the story.

Wallace didn’t care, and in classic liberal mode, he harassed and badgered a Short because he denied the premise of Wallace’s questions. Honestly, I don’t know how Wallace avoids being punched in the nose every Sunday Morning when he hosts “Fox News Sunday.” This guy defines the phrase “pompous ass.”

But that doesn’t mean there are not other contenders for the “pompous ass” title at Fox. Leland Vittert, the host of “America’s News Headquarters” on the weekend, is at least a close second. His smug demeanor and dismissive questioning of conservatives has made him the most hated person on Fox News for the channel’s traditional audience. Today on his show, he teased an upcoming interview on “Life, Liberty and Levin” and had no idea how to pronounce the last name of Mark Levin, one of the best known conservatives in the country.

How uninformed does Vittert have to be to not be familiar with Levin? That’s easy. He has to be as uninformed as your typical liberal.

Beyond that, of course, Fox has veered left in its choice of commentators such as former Democratic national chairperson Donna Brazil and impeachment monger Eric Swalwell, and in its abject whoring in its bid to host lovefest town halls with Democratic presidential candidates such as Pete. Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar (if she makes it to Feb. 27!).

Frankly, it’s hard to watch Fox any more except for its prime time lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Whether it’s Bret Baier or Martha McCallum, most of the daytime hosts seem to have let their inner liberal come out. You can call it a virus or an infection, but it’s certainly gotten worse since a Paul Ryan arrived on the scene, so I am calling him Patient Zero of the liberal pandemic that has struck at Fox.

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For those of us who don’t get One America Network, that leaves us wondering how long we will be able to see an alternative to Fake News CNN and MSN-BS on our televisions.


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