Bullock caught ‘between a lie and a hard place’ as he ponders Senate run

If Gov. Steve Bullock succumbs to pressure and runs for Senate against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana, he will find himself caught between a lie and a hard place.

Bullock has sworn up and down the cable news lineup that he won’t run for Senate, hell no, but after being wooed by Sen. Chuck “Pay the Price” Schumer, there are reports that Bullock is ready to go back on his word and challenge Republican Daines after all.

Well, Bullock is a Democrat, so maybe being a liar isn’t something he will have to pay a price for. After all, that’s already sort of baked in the cake.

But if the Big Lie doesn’t fell Bullock, then he will have to deal with the “hard place” he got himself into when he ran for president (did anyone notice?). You see, Mr. Moderate Bullock decided that to play in the Big Leagues, he needed to fully embrace the radical agenda of the socialist Democrat Party. That agenda won’t play well in Montana.

In particular, as the New York Times acknowledges, Bullock will have a hard time selling his anti-gun positions in Montana:

“… after running as a defender of gun rights in his earlier campaigns, Mr. Bullock said during his White House bid that he supported banning the sale of assault weapons, limiting the sizes of ammunition magazines and enforcing a waiting period to purchase firearms that provided “sufficient time for a full background check of the purchaser,” as he put it in a New York Times survey. Mr. Daines and Republicans are sure to attack Mr. Bullock on those issues, even as some restrictions on firearms have grown more palatable in Montana.”

If restrictions on firearms have grown more “palatable,” it is in direct proportion to the number of people who have moved to Montana from California, but in a state that is solidly pro-Trump and pro-MAGA, running against guns is an impossible task.

In short, Bullock should have stuck to his guns and told Schumer to take a hike!


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