CNN: The least trusted name in coronavirus news

I’ve mostly switched off CNN and MSNBC because of their virulent hatred of President Trump, but every once in a while I check back in to find out what nonsense liberals believe to be true.

That is especially important now that the coronavirus has thrown a huge shadow across the election year.

Last night, after President Trump’s speech about coronavirus, I heard Jim Acosta repeat a lie about the president that went unchallenged by host Chris Cuomo (no surprise).

“I think one of the things that the President did tonight, and he had to do it, is he had to walk back some of the things he has said over the last few weeks,” Acosta said.

He then began his fabrication.

“One of the things that he suggested, and this was during an interview with Sean Hannity, was that people could go to work even though they have the coronavirus. This was obviously wrong and should not be advised to anybody. Tonight he said in his address … [that] people if they are sick should stay home. That is what the president of the United States should have been saying all along.”

Fact if the matter is, President Trump didn’t say anything remotely like what Acosta alleged. Instead, he mentioned that a lot of people who did not know they were sick, or had mild symptoms, were going to work without being aware that they were contagious.

The lie that Trump was encouraging people to go to work while they had coronavirus was started by Communist Bernie Sanders, and apparently Acosta never bothered to fact check Sanders. Fortunately, did and concluded “Sanders twists Trump’s words on coronavirus/work.”

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Then today, on “CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin,” I listened as a supposed national security expert, Juliette Kayyem, talked about our national response to the virus as if she wished we were living in a Soviet style dictatorship.

Namely, she lamented that President Trump was not doing more to fight corona. Asked whether we needed a declaration of a national emergency, she became tongue-tied.

“What we need from the president — well no, you know, can I be honest with you? We’re gonna deal with the crisis with the president we have, not with the one we need. He will not change. Last night was proof of that. So every governor and mayor is now president.”

Wow! So what we have is a decentralized federal system of government. You know, like the one established by the Constitution of the United States. One where the president faithfully executes the laws of the land, and allows states and municipalities to exercise the rights, duties and powers guaranteed to them by our system of government.

Not the kind of Big Brother system of top-down authoritarian rule envisioned by Bernie Sanders and his fellow communo-socialist goons like Juliette Kayyem.

For good measure, she concluded her anti-Trump riff with this gibberish, which I am quoting verbatim:

“And so you just need to, have to make those decisions and shut it down for a period of time. But the idea that we three years later, let alone six weeks later, are looking at this White House and this president– like, get over it. It ain’t gonna happen, and so let’s try to minimize the damage and be grateful that, you know, CEOs, sports leaders, uh actors and actresses, the prime minister of Canada are taking care of us.”

Got it!?!

The President is our boss! We do what he says, and President Trump is failing the nation because he is not seizing broad dictatorial powers to direct every aspect of Americans’ lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hmmm, you know if he actually did take charge of the economy, sports, Hollywood and all 50 states, he would be accused of being a tyrant. These blowhards on CNN never heard of the Constitution, limited powers, or the federal system of government. They are nothing more than an anti-Trump propaganda network, but you knew that already!

(For a look at more CNN distortions and Jim Acosta fabrications , click here.)


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2 Replies to “CNN: The least trusted name in coronavirus news”

  1. Juliette Kayyem..
    Harvard Grad…
    Lebanese descent….Moslim?? or any other religeous/grounding ties at all ??…
    Grad of Harvard….
    Advisor to Janet Reno of ‘Waco Women/Children Killer” fame under Clinton admin……
    Co- Chair- Dubai Initiative (?) Whats that ??…..
    Caught lying about voting record……
    Advisory board of some Qatari Gov.Foundation…
    Senior Advisor to NSOGROUP..Spy Software..involved in capture/torture/dismemberment
    of Jamal KHashoggi…….
    Kayyem had to resign her position from the Wash.Post due to that controversy…
    David J. Barron
    Harvard Grad..
    Fed. Appeals Court Judgeship…Obama appointee
    He wrote the VERY controversial legal brief/memo that approved drone strikes on U.S. citizens without any court proceedings of guilt of anything………… ..
    This was advise to Obama who USED it ..David Barron got a medal and .
    Obama appointed him to Fed. Judgeship ..Want your case in front of him ??
    These are our Leaders/Pundits in the very deep swamp….
    Ever notice how so many are grads of Harvard ..??
    The swamp has not yet begun to be drained.
    With “Luck” ?? The 3 branches of Fed.Gov. will become one under Pres. Trump..

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