Lindsey Graham is either corrupt or an idiot; here’s why

Sen. Lindsey Graham is one of the best talkers in the Senate on the Republican side. He can be counted on to deliver pungent sound bites that excoriate the Deep State cabal and that promise to “get to the bottom of” the latest Democrat hoax, but sadly Graham never lifts a finger to actually do what he says.

He says Gen. Michael Flynn was railroaded by the FBI, but he won’t do anything to help him.

That makes Graham a useless windbag at best — and a witting accomplice to the Deep State at worst.

Maria Bartiromo expressed her frustration with Graham during an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” today, but eventually she succumbed to Graham’s nonsensical excuses and effectively let him off the hook for failing to follow through on any of his promises to hold to account the crooks at the FBI and Justice Department.

You can see a moment on Bartiromo’s face where she decides it just isn’t worth shoving Graham’s face in the mud. That look of disgust says it all, but she was too much of a lady to verbalize it.

Bartiromo read a long list of Graham’s promises to call witnesses before the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked him “Are you going to do it?” Hell no, because if he was, he would have done it already. Graham’s excuse is that he doesn’t want to interfere with ongoing criminal prosecutions.

WHAT PROSECUTIONS??!!? There are none, and if Graham waits any longer, the Senate will fall back into Democrat control and they will bury the coup forever! Graham is apparently a useful idiot for the Democrat Party.

What is truly remarkable is that Graham has accomplished what no one thought was possible — he has made Chuck Grassley, his predecessor as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, look like an effective investigator of the Democrat skulduggery that has plagued this president. At least Grassley held hearings!

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Do it now you idiot — before you cost this country its greatest president of the modern era and turn the Senate over to the socialists to begin dismantling our cherished freedoms.


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3 Replies to “Lindsey Graham is either corrupt or an idiot; here’s why”

  1. Re: Your headline
    ‘Corrupt or Idiot’
    They are not exclusionary
    Graham easily is both ..??
    No one I know believed his intention to investigate ,,,,,
    Some held out hope….And the football was moved again..
    Thanks for pointing these things out.
    We need reminders.. History may be the least remembered lesson(s)

    1. I admit I held out hope. I was fooled by his Kavanaugh Hearing “moment,” but there’s only so many times you can forgive the former BFF of John “the traitor” McCain.

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