My worst nightmare: Two Democrat senators from Montana

I’m usually a big fan of my home state of Montana, but when it comes to our schizophrenic politics, color me dissatisfied.

How in God’s name did Montana re-elect Sen. Jon Tester after he smeared President Trump’s personal physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson, to stop his nomination as director of Veterans Affairs? President Trump, who won Montana by 20 percent in 2016, pulled out all the stops to defeat Tester, but to no avail. Montana rewarded Tester for being a tool of far left Chuck Schumer and sent him back to Washington for a third term.

What’s worse is the Democrats are now threatening to win Montana’s second seat as well. Steve Bullock, our left-wing governor, is challenging first-term GOP senator Steve Daines, and is using pixie dust and the coronavirus to climb to an apparent early lead in the polls. The fact that he is anti-gun and pro-abortion just doesn’t seem to worry our oblivious and supposedly conservative voters.

The prospect of turning Montana blue has caught the attention of the national media and, of course, the DNC. On Tuesday, National Review’s John McCormack wrote a short item headlined “Battleground Montana?” that highlighted a recent Montana State University poll that put Bullock ahead of reliably pro-Trump Daines by 46-39 percent.

Needless to say, the poll is of limited value. It is way too early to be predictive, has a ton of undecided voters and was done online in a rural state where, in some remote corners, “on line” might still refer to laundry drying outdoors.

Nonetheless, it is worrisome. The Hill also wrote about the new poll on Tuesday and added the results for a Trump-Biden race: “About 45 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump, while nearly 40 percent said they would support Biden.”

  • Well, if that’s anywhere near accurate, President Trump is doomed nationwide. He can’t cede 15 points off his 2016 tally in a pro-Trump state and expect to hold on to the swing states that accounted for his electoral majority.
  • So one of two things is likely. Either the polls are full of “spit” or this is going to be the worst election night of my life. Currently, because I am an optimist, I am opting for the notion that the polls are once again underestimating the power of the MAGA voters. However, I would caution everyone who loves President Trump to plan to go to battle this fall. If he doesn’t win a second term, all the good he has done may be — and probably will be — lost.

    And even if he wins a second term, if Montana sends two Democrats to the Senate, then it is very likely Chuck Schumer will be on his way to becoming the new majority leader and the Democrats will shut down the ability of the president to appoint conservative judges and justices.

    I know President Trump will fight like hell to beat back the Democrats and the corrupt left-wing media, and I think we can count on Steve Daines to do the same, but they can’t win elections without our help. So if you want to Keep America Great, you had better be tireless, fearless and vocal for the next six months.

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    4 Replies to “My worst nightmare: Two Democrat senators from Montana”

    1. Let’s hope it fires up conservative voters!! I’m not a huge fan of Danes but I can’t stand Bullock or tester. Yes so I hope the media draws attention to it and it will scare the poop out of conservative voters in the state and I’ll get out and vote. I frankly suspect voter fraud in terms of testers second term, something is rotten in Denmark.

    2. Dont wish to be negative,however, some things are self evident including the kinda short memory span of many voters……..
      I would suggest a List of Faults ,scandals,,discouraging / negative actions or disappointments related to Bullock. .
      Print it big..display it often ..Sometimes a list from 1 thru 10 (?) is striking and more easily retained then
      commentary. .Present company excluded !!. The list should readilly show the negative effect on the Montana citizen ??.And potential effect on the Nation ………
      Attached is such a list ..Might have some additions at this later point in time ??
      Does anyone want Montana run by Chuck Schummer and his pal Nanzi Pelosi ??

    3. Will you provide your opinions on Montana’s upcoming primary elections? I’m a conservative but I’m afraid Dr. Al won’t be able to carry the state. Mr. Fox is a RINO and so are the candidates he supports. Mr. Gianforte may be doomed by his past and also by Fox’s smears. I’m keen on hearing from you on all the offices up for sale oops, grabs. And what about those Libertarians always getting 3% of the vote and allowing the Dems to take office? Tester has benefited twice now from that effect.

      1. Hi Bruce: for the most part I don’t believe in endorsements. Never did them as a newspaper editor and don’t see any reason to start now. I do agree with your analysis of the governor’s race by the way. As for the a House race I would be happy with either Rosendale or Stapleton.

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