Trump dismantling Deep State while media distracted by COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been unrolling like a prairie fire, President Trump and his allies have been able to accomplish a great deal to restore health to the body politic.

Trump has been focused on the health crisis, as he should be, but it has not distracted him from his original mandate to “drain the swamp.” Indeed, Democrats and their media allies must be terrified as they see Trump being vindicated time and time again.

First came the victory for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn when the Justice Department admitted that the charges brought against Flynn were fraudulent. All the credit for that win goes to attorney a Sidney Powell, who exposed the illegitimate prosecution for the frame-up it so evidently was.

Then there was the releasing of the names of the Obama administration officials who had “unmasked” Flynn in the surveillance records made by the FBI and others as they purportedly were using FISA warrants to keep tabs on a Russians. It is obvious now the true target was a decorated war hero who only made the “mistake” of supporting Donald Trump for president.

  • Credit for that information finally going public belongs to ambassador Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, who is finally declassifying all the documents that reveal the culpability of high-tanking Obama officials in working to sabotage President Trump. One of the people proven to have been privy to the secret data about Flynn was none other than former Vice President Joe Biden, who will soon be former presumptive Democratic candidate for president.
  • Now more is coming! According to Sara Carter, Rep. Jim Jordan is demanding the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo turn over documents pertaining to US-Ukraine relations during the Obama years to get to the bottom of the root cause of the fake Ukrainian impeachment scandal. Here is info from the letter Jordan wrote in his role as ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, as cited by Carter:
  • “I write regarding documents that the State Department recently released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),” stated Jordan, in a letter to Pompeo on Thursday. “Although these documents are partially redacted, they appear to shed new light on the actions of State Department employees during the Obama-Biden Administration in relation to the corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, and its founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.”

  • Jordan requested that the information be delivered to the committee by May 28. He asked for:

  • • Unredacted copies of all documents released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act relating to Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, or Hunter Biden;

  • • All documents and communications referring or relating to Burisma Holdings or Mykola Zlochevsky for the period January 1, 2014, to January 20, 2017; and

  • • All documents and communications referring or relating to Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, or Devon Archer for the period January 1, 2014, to January 20, 2017.

  • According to Jordan the State Department documents also reveal that the alleged “whistleblower” who began the partisan impeachment against Trump “also played a role in facilitating the Obama-Biden Administration’s interactions with the Ukrainian government relating to Burisma and Hunter Biden.”

  • Jordan told Pompeo that the documents reportedly detail “how the ‘whistleblower,’ as a National Security Council (NSC) detailee, hosted a White House meeting that took place with Ukrainian prosecutors in January 2016 regarding a concern that HunterBiden’s role with Burisma could complicate a potential prosecution of the company’s wrongdoing.”

  • Of course, everyone knows the fake whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella, the former National Security Council aide who worked for Joe Biden when Biden was pressuring Ukraine to go easy on his son. It is long overdue that the American public find out the truth about Ciaramella’s role in the attempted coup against President Trump, and hopefully Pompeo won’t crumble.

    Finally, tonight we got word that Pompeo has fired the State Department inspector general, Steve Linick, who was appointed by Obama in 2013 and somehow didn’t notice any funny business being conducted by Obama’s gang of Deep State criminals. This follows the dismissal last month of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who green-lighted Ciaramella’s fake whistleblower complaint even though it had no legal standing.

    The Fake News Media just keeps beating the drum that President Trump is dangerous, but the truth is that Trump is the country’s best hope to wrest power away from the truly dangerous people who want to subvert the Constitution.

    That’s why it is vital to ensure a second term for Trump. If he loses, the Deep State will work tirelessly to make sure they never lose power again.


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    1. Thanks for the insight on the above. Very interesting!

      A lot of encouraging happenings just in the past week that indicate, under Trump’s brilliant management, his teams continue the task of stirring the swamp waters & skimming off the crud. As for the virus, his rose garden
      event yesterday seemed to indicate a decision to diminish the roles of Fauci and Birx by featuring
      other “experts” in the health sector. Very Smart!!

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