Flashback video: Thugs in Minneapolis are nothing new

I’m saddened to watch the descent of Minneapolis into mob rule. When I lived in North Dakota 40 years ago Minneapolis was our “big city,” and it was a delightful place where even we North Dakotans could feel safe.

The death of George Floyd while in police custody was a disgusting abuse of the man’s human rights, but it doesn’t excuse the reactions of the mob. For the last two nights people have looted, burned and ravaged Minneapolis. Don’t buy any excuse that this is a demand for justice for George Floyd. It isn’t. It has nothing to do with justice; mobs never do. This is the power of the street, the tyranny of the fist, the law of the jungle. It is no different than the brutality of Police Officer Derek Chauvin, who has now been charged with the murder of Floyd.

It is also no surprise. Violence in Minneapolis is now just par for the course. It didn’t start with the unlawful death of George Floyd. Otherwise how do you explain this incident from August 2019 when a gang of street thugs brutally attacked one lone man with absolutely no provocation?

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  1. Your “Riotous Radical Left excels in Blame Shifting” has a 404 deleted response. What gives? Big Brother doing his number again?

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