Riotous radical left excels in blame-shifting … don’t let them get away with it!

George Floyd’s death was an excuse for the far left to do what they like to do anyway — attack America and its institutions.

They have done billions of dollars worth of damage in a few days and have ripped the fabric of civil behavior in a way that may be irreparable.

What is worse is how they are permitted to wash their hands of responsibility and blame others for their own crimes. This is Jussie Smollett writ large. He made up a hate crime in order to shame white people for their complicity in what supposedly happened to him. The wrongful death of George Floyd wasn’t made up, but it was co-opted by the far left to make it into an attack on all black people when it was actually an inexcusable attack on one black man by one (or four) white cop(s). Demands for justice were (and will continue to be) justified, but there is no justice brought about by looting, terrorizing, attacking police or burning cars or buildings.

Rioters who think they can avoid guilt or responsibility by pointing to the dead body of George Floyd are sadly mistaken. Their is no expiation of sins for those who choose of their own free will to violate the law. But the obvious desire to deflect blame and avoid responsibility shows the moral rot that underpins so much of our country and especially the Democrat left.

Nor does it stop with using Floyd’s death to justify their own criminal behavior. They are finding many others to blame for the rioting as well, starting of course with President Trump, but also white supremacists, foreign provocateurs, and something called the Boogaloo Boys (or Bois) which is a phantasmagoric organization that seems to have been invented to use as a scapegoat for just such an occasion.

CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media will do everything in their power to protect the rioters from responsibility, but don’t let them get away with it.


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