Montana Republicans show RINO Tim Fox the door

In this Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, photo Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, center, speaks during a Republican gubernatorial primary debate as U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, left, and state Sen. Al Olszewski listen at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center in Billings, Mont. (AP Photo/Matthew Brown)

Thank goodness Montana Republicans did not select RINO attorney general Tim Fox to run for governor in November.

Fox is a big supporter of the sham Salish-Kootenai Water Compact, and he let Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock off the hook for destroying the emails his office created when he ended his term as attorney general in 2012. He also resorted to dirty politics in his campaign against Greg Gianforte, repeating Democrat smears to try to win votes.

Fortunately, Gianforte easily defeated Fox, which shows Montana Republicans are happy with the job Gianforte has done as U.S. Representative and see him as best positioned to restore common sense to the governor’s office after 16 years of Democratic rule. If you need proof that Fox represents politics as usual, the only place where Fox was winning was in Lewis and Clark County, home of the state’s political swamp in Helena. (State Sen. Al Olszewski would also have done a great job as governor, but the time wasn’t right.)

Gianforte will face Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney in November. The contrast could not be greater. Cooney is touting his decades spent in government as proof he is ready for the job. Gianforte, on the other hand, says his decades in business make him the right person to change government!

Montana Republicans also selected state auditor Matt Rosendale to run for Gianforte’s seat in Congress. Rosendale won about half the vote in a crowded race. He will face radical Democrat Kathleen Williams in November.

Hopefully, the GOP will be ready to confront the idiotic Democrat campaign strategy of calling Gianforte and Rosendale carpetbaggers because they had the misfortune to start their lives elsewhere than Montana. So-called Maryland Matt Rosendale and New Jersey Greg Gianforte both had the good sense to move to Montana and fight for our state. Now it’s time for Montanans to fight for them.

If Republicans can win both those races and hold off a challenge to Sen. Steve Daines by gun-grabbing Gov. Bullock, they will have gone a long way to turning the state from purple to reliably red.


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Greg Gianforte, left, easily vanquished RINO attorney General Tim Fox, right, in the GOP primary for governor.

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2 Replies to “Montana Republicans show RINO Tim Fox the door”

  1. Would enjoy reading your thoughts on the cruel and dishonest things done by Kathleen Williams’ father. Here in Missoula he could have been boiling babies and they would have continued voting for him. The eccentricities of our state and the people it votes into office are worth a story.

    1. Pat Williams is kind of ancient history. When he was in office, I was still a liberal myself! By the way he is the father of Whitney Williams, who ran for governor, not Kathleen Williams, the House candidate.

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