Trump needs to fire Defense Sec Esper for insubordination

The old adage about needing to trust the guy in the foxhole next to you has never been truer than when you are fighting a last-chance war against the left-wing mob trying to end American democracy.

Sadly, President Trump found out today that one of the guys in the White House with him is a sniveling coward who doesn’t have any sense of loyalty or honor.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper stuck a knife in the back of the president when he declared that he opposes invoking the Insurrection Act to put down the civil unrest that has threatened our general welfare.

First of all, it is none of his business. The president is the only one authorized to use military force under the 1807 law. But more importantly President Trump had already signaled that he was willing to invoke the Insurrection Act in order to protect the peace. As secretary of defense, it is Esper’s job to carry out the president’s orders, not to second guess him.

On top of that huge blunder, Esper decided to adopt the far-left’s narrative that Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church on Monday was a photo op instead of a legitimate effort to stake a claim for decency amid the lawlessness that left the church torched the previous night.

“I did know we were going to the church,” Esper said. “I did not know a photo op was happening. … I do everything I can to try to stay apolitical and to try and stay out of situations that may appear political.”

Then shut the hell up, you moron!

If Esper doesn’t know that everything in DC is political, he doesn’t know much — and he certainly isn’t qualified to lead the Department of Defense. Maybe Rick Grenell can clean up the Pentagon now that he has cleaned shop at the CIA!


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6 Replies to “Trump needs to fire Defense Sec Esper for insubordination”

  1. Esper mishandled the TR COVid Crisis and has “no knowledge of history – which will repeat itself in ignorance “

    Sadly, this is a time when the military is needed, not for the first time, to quell domestic terrorism.

  2. Fully agree Frank. Can’t imagine anyone working for the President didn’t realize the job demanded loyalty to the President.

  3. The deep state takes another shot at the President! Sadly, Mark Esper has proven to be a swamp dweller. I’m very disappointed, but no longer surprised by these creatures surfacing at critical times in an attempt to undermine the President!

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