UPDATE: Gen. Vallely goes after military officers with ‘the wrong stuff’

I posted yesterday about Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely’s decision to call for the resignation of Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, over Milley’s insubordinate rebuke of President Trump.

Today, Vallely doubles down. In an op-ed co-authored with Brig. Gen. Charles Jones, Vallely wrote about “The Wrong Stuff Versus the Right Stuff.” They question the motives of Milley and others like Gen. Mattis and Defense Secretary Mark Esper for misleading the American public about Trump’s desire to promote law and order.

Vallely and Jones also point out that the military leaders attacking Trump are the same ones “that could not win a war.” Apparently Milley and the others want to bring their losing strategy to the homeland and let the insurrectionists win here as well.

“Enough is enough” America!  The Deep State is still filled with anti-Trump political appointees, senior Generals and Admirals and staffers [who] need to be removed from the ranks. Patriotic Americans know in their hearts what is needed to keep the Republic from crumbling, know we have a President who fights for them and this great country and will not permit anarchists and Socialists to destroy what our forefathers created.

Vallely and Jones think Trump should take action against the Quislings in the ranks.

We recommend that the President convene a meeting immediately at the Pentagon and attended by the senior Defense leaders, Secretaries and four-star Generals and Admirals. The President can then determine and sound out their concerns. He can, then, determine their loyalty and commitment to the Trump team. Those that cannot commit to the President should be asked to submit their resignations by close of business. Selected Retired Generals and Admirals who are apart of a Trump coup should called back to Active Duty and tried by Court Martial.

That would be a glorious day! Let’s not forget who is the commander in chief!


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