My new book explores ‘The Left’s Assault on the Constitution’

I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book, “How We Got Here: The Left’s Assault on the Constitution.”

It could not be more timely. The chaos in the streets of America the last two months is no accident, as a study of history will prove. Don’t forget it was just 10 years ago when “Occupy Wall Street” threatened to overturn the economic system that has enriched our country for the last 233 years. That was called “Days of Rage” in honor of the 1968 “Days of Rage” sponsored by the communist Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground.

The thing you have to remember about the left is that they are persistent. They don’t give up until they get what they want. Take a look at socialized medicine or national health care. No one in the 1950s would believe that Obamacare could ever happen — except the progressive left. They…  just … kept … at it … until … they … got … their … way!

“How We Got Here” takes an in-depth look at the progressive philosophy of educator John Dewey, who taught that children should not have to learn what parents or society wanted them to know, but whatever they felt like learning. You’ll read about the social revolution of the New Deal — and about the patriotic heroes who fought Franklin Roosevelt in defense of the Constitution.

A major figure in the battle for the soul of America is 1960s revolutionary Bill Ayers, who envisioned a two-pronged attack on our culture. First, he would take advantage of foreign wars that were bankrupting our treasury to foment disloyalty and hatred for our institutions, then he would encourage society to do more and more for the poor and the “underprivileged.” Thus, in the manner prescribed by Cloward & Piven, the left could watch as our society collapsed in on itself. Finally, Ayers realized that the 1960s revolutionaries would never win by violence, but only by entering our institutions and taking them over. You can see the results everywhere — not just in the subversive Democratic Party, but also in the anti-Christian churches, the anti-Constitution courts, and the anti-American military.

There have been many heroes and heroines of the battle to push back the progressive left before Donald Trump arrived on the scene. I celebrate some of them in this book, which weighs in at 536 pages. Some of them, like Sarah Palin and Ayn Rand, you have heard of.  A lot of them will be new to you, such as Colby Bainbridge, Donald Nutter, and Dorothy Thompson. You will enjoy meeting them all.

The essays in this book were written over nearly 15 years while I was editor of the Daily Inter Lake. If you are only going to buy one of my books, I recommend it be this one, as it is chock full of research and serious analysis of “How We Got Here,” to the point where the greatest nation in the world is close to taking a knee in surrender to socialism, communism and radicalism.

“How We Got Here” is available from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing in paperback for $23.95 and as an eBook for $9.99. Ordering through the links on this site will earn me a referral fee in addition to the usual royalties. The book is also available in electronic form from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Scribd. Please consider picking it up to support my work.


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