Leo Terrell and black America are Trump’s secret weapon

I’ve been saying for quite some time now that President Trump’s secret weapon in 2020 will be the black and Hispanic vote.

Those two populations are historically conservative, but have been suckered by the Democrat Party into thinking their interests align with the radical socialist agenda.

Fortunately, more and more minorities are waking up to the Democratic con game. They know Trump’s economic policies were working for minorities before the COVID crisis. They also know that Democrats are all talk and no action. Now they see that Democrats are willing to let black neighborhoods burn and atrophy to support their radical agenda.

Enough is enough, many blacks are saying.

Perhaps the most prominent conversion to the Trump train is outspoken civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. Terrell says 2020 will be the first time he will ever vote Republican, but he knows that cities will keep burning if Democrats are elected.

On Thursday’s episode of “Hannity,” Terrell got a chance to talk directly to President Trump and pledged his support “24/7.” He also promised that Trump will win in November as long as he keeps working to save the cities.

If you think that Terrell is just an isolated instance, guess again. The latest Rasmussen Poll has black “likely voters” giving Trump an astounding 49 percent approval rating. If he received half that on Election Day he would win in a landslide.

And his standing among other nonwhite likely voters is even higher — 57 percent. Democrats may want to riot, but the rest of us just want them to shut up and be quiet!

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