Biden’s race-pandering pisses off the one black man he can’t afford to lose!

Kudos to the Federalist for making sure Joe Biden gets full credit for his idiotic comment that Donald Trump is the first “racist” president.

At a townhall on July 22, Biden remarked, “We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.”

Of course we expect Democrats to call Donald Trump a racist just like they call all Trump voters racists, all Republicans racists and all conservatives racists. Of course we also know that Trump is not a racist because of his actions to help blacks and other minorities and because of his words and his heart.

But what makes this Biden comment particularly egregious and particularly dense is because it shows us that Biden will say anything to get elected, and because he either expects people to believe obvious untruths or he just has no idea what he is talking about. Either way, it reveals that Biden has no accountability and no expectation that he will be held to account by the Main Sleaze Media.

I had thought about writing a rant about Biden’s slur when it happened, but I figured it wasn’t worth the time. But Elle Reynolds at the Federalist found just the right context to show just how stupid Biden really is. With his pandering comment, he pissed off the one black man he dare not offend — radio host Charlamagne tha God.

Charlamagne, you will remember, is the man who Biden told in a May 22 interview, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

That caused a huge backlash and pissed off Charlamagne, who is rated one of the most influential black voices in the country. Joe uttered a half-hearted apology, but Charlamagne wasn’t impressed.

Now, in the wake of Biden’s latest comment about Trump, Charlamagne said Biden should “shut the eff up forever” and he named Biden the show’s “Donkey of the Day.”

“How the hell can Donald Trump be the first racist president in a country where 12 presidents before him owned slaves?” Charlamagne asked.

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“Joe, you got to hurry up and announce your Black woman VP so I can be enthused about voting for her,” he said. “Because I will never be enthused about voting for you.”

Yep, the Democrats will definitely be better off if Joe Biden would just “shut the eff up forever,” but we need to make sure that Biden keeps spitting up his word salad soup! Sooner or later, if the American people aren’t totally brain dead, they will notice that Biden is (brain dead).


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