Tech Check 1: Is Email delivery for Heartland Diary USA going to Spam?

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However, a reader let me know that his Yahoo Mail app had sent four of my recent posts to his Spam folder. This reminded me of the recent House Judiciary hearing on Big Tech, when Rep. Greg Steube of Florida asked the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai why his campaign emails are suddenly going to Spam.

Of course, because Steube is a Republican, he was ridiculed for raising the question. No chance a far-left outfit like Google would try to target a Republican, right?

But when I heard from my reader I thought I would try to find out from my readers whether they are experiencing something similar in either Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook.

So if you are subscribed, I’d like you to let me know if you have seen your notification emails from showing up in your Spam folder. You can either post a comment on this story or email me at

Also, don’t forget to whitelist my emails by marking them as “Not Spam” or by OK’ing the email address where they originate —


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UPDATE: A second reader has confirmed that within the last month, his Outlook email program also started sending my notifications to his spam folder also!


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7 Replies to “Tech Check 1: Is Email delivery for Heartland Diary USA going to Spam?”

  1. yes your email is going in my spam box and has been for at least the last two weeks. And not only yours but Lizettes as well. Then I tried to email you and a notice pops up that Microsoft does not recognize your address.
    They are not blocking my American friends emails which I get on a daily basis. I guess you are too right-wing for Outlook because it is my mail server. I now understand, even better, why Conservatives keep quiet. I’m not putting my name on this but I am a subscriber and from Ontario and I don’t imagine you have too many of us.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Wow. Thanks for responding. You tried sending email to and got blocked, right? That is scary. Plus now it seems like something happened in last two weeks on both Outlook and Yahoo to monkey with my notifications. No real explanation, but please whitelist the address where the notifications originate, which should be I’ll add that to the story too!

      1. I have an MSN Outlook email. Your emails were going to spam until I clicked “not junk” on every one that I wanted to go to my inbox, including yours and those from other conservatives. Now I am getting
        your emails, but other Republican emails (like Donald Trump) are still going to “junk!”

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