Facebook, Twitter interfere in U.S. election again — will FBI investigate?

How sad! We the American people live in a country that is becoming the latest incarnation of Soviet style censorship!

The Russians were rightly criticized for buying ads on Facebook to skew the 2016 election, but those ads had virtually no impact. But now Facebook itself — along with Twitter — has decided that they will not just ban Russian ads, but will actually determine what real information about campaign issues that the voters will be allowed to see.

This is unbelievable, and it puts us one step closer to Soviet-style censorship. The thought police are knocking on your door.

President Trump did an interview with Fox News on Wednesday in which he said he wants schools to open this fall and noting that children are much less likely to be infected with COVID-19. Trump said that children are “almost immune” to COVID, which is his political opinion, whether it is scientifically correct or not.

But Facebook and Twitter said Trump is not entitled to his political opinion, whether he is right or not. They blocked Trump’s posts where he shared a clip from his interview on “Fox & Friends.”

In other words, Facebook and Twitter have unilaterally banned discussion of one of the most important election issues in 2020. This is outrageous. What will stop Facebook and Twitter from banning the president from talking about abortion as the murder of babies? After all, the “authorities” that leftist Facebook will consult will say that the rhetoric is harmful to the legal right of women to terminate their pregnancies (i.e., kill their babies).

That may soon be more than a hypothetical example, by the way. Marcus Pittman has just revealed that his new documentary, “Babies Are Still Murdered Here” has been banned from Amazon Prime because of “content” and “customer complaints.”

If a politician like President Trump can’t take his ideas directly to the American public for their decision, then how exactly are we living in a free country? If private companies like Facebook and Twitter can filter information they disapprove of from elections, then how exactly can we claim our elections are fair?

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What is truly frightening is that the Mainstream Media, if it acknowledges the situation at all, is taking the side of censorship. The news outlets are egging on social media to do even more to rein in Trump.

If we were worried about the Russians “hacking our democracy” in 2016, then we should damn sure be worried about Facebook and Twitter shutting down free speech in 2020.

So where the hell is the FBI investigation? Let’s take back our country before it’s gone forever!


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One Reply to “Facebook, Twitter interfere in U.S. election again — will FBI investigate?”

  1. Government representatives recognize that censorship is a huge problem in our country. They flitter around whining about it but jack Dorsey, his former Kamala Harris acolyte, and the googlemasters are winning. Censorship is winning. The young kids in the digital field who have been given the honor of telling the rest of the country what is acceptable and unacceptable, NEVER had history or they would remember the nonstop book burning episodes in Germany during the1930s and 1940s. Book burnings and censorship led to the horror of concentration camps. Young uneducated protesters never heard of Kristallnacht. The viciousness of Kristallnacht is happening right now all around the country just as it did in Germany in the late 1930s and 1940s.

    Until the liberal media snaps out of their collective stupor and add their voices to the ones that have had enough of this fascism, the mob mentality will rule the country. Government representatives just bide their time and I believe that they do not plan to fix this censorship, cancel culture, or mob rule. Can’t these smart and savvy politicians figure out how to fix this??? They are not as smart as the street creatures running these mobs??? These mobs consist of young people on college campuses and in the streets who make demands as though they are acting from actual knowledge. Are these young “violent protesters” so stupid, so uneducated, so full of themselves that they are allowing the bad guys to lead them around by their foolish noses? I hope the violent protesters and the government representatives get some smarts soon.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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