Tucker Carlson asks: How long can America survive the Democrats’ assault on decency?

Tucker Carlson spoke for all Americans who love this country on Monday, August 17, when he condemned the violence in our cities and asked when the civil liberties of all Americans will be defended?

Watch in despair as Carlson replays video of a man and woman being beaten in Portland for driving into a “peaceful protest” being held by Black Lives Matter. Ask with him, “Where is the federal government? When will they protect us from violence?”

Ask yourself how can Democrats defend this kind of anarchy and chaos? And how long can America allow this to happen before we are no longer America? Does it really matter that the man who was beaten is white? Does that somehow excuse the inhuman brutality of his attackers?

Please take 10 minutes and watch this painful video. The white man in a pickup truck is surrounded by a bloodthirsty mob that had just attacked a woman, too. After throwing the helpless man to the ground, some walk away, but one man wearing a vest with “SECURITY” written on it jumps at the man from behind and kicks the driver in the head, apparently knocking him unconscious. The driver remained on the ground with his eyes closed. Carlson reports that he was still hospitalized 24 hours later.

About the assailant, Carlson said, “Many on the Internet seem to know exactly who he is, but as of tonight no arrests at all. That’s what Portland, Oregon, is like right now. A major American city has fallen to the mob.”


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  1. Another “shot heard round the world “.? (Concord Hymn/Poem.Ralph Waldo Emerson )
    may well be from someone who has had enough..??
    Someone no longer willing to be bullied/cowed/threatened into changing his commute route to work ?
    Its been said that America would fail without a shot being fired ?
    Its been said that America will fail from within.??
    What do you say ??
    Mont. Terr.

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