WATCH: Navarro sees China and Democrats as having ‘common cause’ in using COVID as weapon against Trump

Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro has tough words for both China and the “running dog” Democrats in an interview with Charles Payne on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020.

Payne started the segment by reporting that China is offering The Philippines the chance to be first in line for a COVID-19 vaccine in exchange for giving up their rights to the South China Sea.

Wow! Navarro tears into that and never slows down.

“The more we see things like that, the more you have to wonder about the origins of the China virus to begin with … and just how the Chinese Communist Party keeps using this virus to push their strategic domination of the world,” Navarro says.

“It’s as if they planned this all along. They’ve destabilized our society. They’ve destabilized our political system. They’re engaged in economic warfare against us. … Think about this. Last night, the first two days of the Democrat convention, it’s the running dogs of the Democratic Party that didn’t bark about China, not a single word.”

This echoes my post last week that raised the possibility that China is using the virus as a weapon against President Trump, and Navarro comes right out and suggests at least tacit collusion between Beijing and the Democrats.

Navarro asks whether China always planned to use COVID-19 as a political tool to gain power and to hurt the United States, and he wonders why the Democrats can’t seem to say one word critical of China. Both want to get rid of President Trump. Is it election collusion in plain sight?

“What we are seeing clearly is common cause between the Democratic Party [and]the Chinese Communist Party on blaming Donald J. Trump for a pandemic that the Chinese Communist Party has infected America with.”

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