Hero mom who stood up to Democrat thugs to save MAGA hat now speaks out!

While Chris Wallace at Fox News is getting his panties in a bunch over Q-Anon theories and trying to smear the president, the alternative media like Heartland Diary USA and the Bongino Report are trying to highlight the lawlessness in our cities and show that everyday Americans support President Trump as he fights anarchy.

The latest touchstone of the culture war unleashed against conservatives is the story of the 7-year-old boy Riley and his mom Abbey who were attacked outside a Wilmington, Delaware, restaurant by two women who symbolize the haughty lawlessness of the left. (SEE VIDEO).

I’ve written about the arrest of the two women Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy here and here, and now we get the straight story about the confrontation from the woman who heroically stood up to the Democrat thugs. The Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck did an online interview with Riley’s mom, Abbey Wigton, and the other grown-up who fought back against the thugs, Taylor Cisinski, to nail down the details.

Wigton, who is a field director for Turning Point USA, the conservative youth movement, had been attending a pro-Trump rally outside the convention hall in Wilmington where Joe Biden was accepting the Democrat nomination for president. Afterwards, she and Cisinski and her son Riley went to a nearby restaurant for dinner, and we’re waiting in line when they were accosted by the Democrat thugs.

This altercation was completely unprovoked. My son and I were standing outside of a restaurant,” Wigton said, whose son Riley is 7 years old. “We weren’t even paying attention to the women until they walked out of the doors and immediately started antagonizing my son.”

Abbey alleged that the two women “started saying things like ‘you should be ashamed for having a mother like yours. She’s a Trump supporter. You should just be ashamed of yourself.’”

The two women ripped up signs the group had been using at the protest, and the confrontation escalated when one of the women, Olivia Winslow, is seen stealing the MAGA hat that had been left on the ground.

It was then that both Riley and his mother jumped into high gear. Riley chases after the women demanding the hat back: “That’s somebody else’s hat,” he tells Winslow. Then Wigton chases after the pair of apparent thieves demanding repeatedly, “Give me back my hat!”

Winslow and Amy and a man who later joins them seem to actually assault Wigton and Cisinski. This is the Wild West America of Joe Biden and the pro-mob Democrats.

I’m calling for President Trump to greet Abbey Wigton and her son Riley on stage at the Republican National Convention this week. Share if you agree!

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  1. so this is what it has seriously come to a 7 yr old! REALLY????I hope those b—–s rot in jail!!!!!!!!!!! Last I checked this was America this country is turning so far left its falling over the edge!!!! So This is what we have to look forward to in a biden country…No Thanks!!!!!GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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