CNN anchors squirm while GOP leaders tell the truth — on CNN! Gotta love it!

I never thought I would see the day when the truth would be broadcast on CNN, so it gave me great pleasure on Monday night to watch CNN’s Democrat hosts squirm as their vestigial news ethics forced them to carry huge parts of Day 1 of the Republican national convention live.

CNN President Jeff Zucker, who has ordered his Fake News team to destroy President Trump, must have been mainlining oxy last night when he realized he had lost control of his multimillion dollar propaganda machine and it was being hijacked by Republicans to send a message of hope and recovery behind enemy lines!

Yep, that’s right — for the first time in years, captive Democrat voters who only know the lies CNN spews 24/7 were hearing the unvarnished truth. What a shock to the system that must have been!

From the opening minutes when Jon Voigt narrated an inspiring patriotic video about America’s greatness, I kept waiting for the producers at CNN to throw the kill switch. How could they let their viewers watch the uncensored optimistic anti-racist pro-American message of the Republican National Committee when it completely contradicted everything that CNN has been saying about President Trump and the GOP for the last 4 years?

My 10-year-old son and I were applauding and shouting as the flag and the republic for which it stands were being celebrated on America-bashing CNN. How sweet it is! When Cardinal Timothy Dolan prayed for America and for an end to the evil of abortion, it may have been the first time many Americans had been asked to confront the darkness at the heart of the Democrat Party. It was certainly the first time that CNN had acknowledged that abortion is a sin.

Speaker after speaker got a chance to talk directly to the American people, and although the anchors had five minutes here and there to try to sabotage the Republicans, it was a losing cause for the Fake News pundits. As both the Bible and the CIA know, “The truth will set you free.” You could feel the earth shifting under the American electorate as each speaker carried their message of truth forward — vote for American greatness and not for socialism and slavery.

Of course, the paid slugs at CNN had to put their game face on. They knew they would have 24 hours to smear Republicans and the message of hope before the next day of the convention began, plus they could smugly tell themselves that no one could possibly believe anything a Republican said. Jake Tapper spoke for his entire network when he said this:

“Donald Trump Jr. … while he may lack gravitas, he pulls no punches. He is as eager as his father if not more so to spread lies and obscenely false accusations about his opponents.”

How does anyone take Tapper or CNN seriously as a source of news when they are so obviously paid Democratic operatives?

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But that’s the point, I guess, of why I am celebrating this convention as an opportunity to get the truth out to the American people with only limited smear and spin by the CNN fear merchants.

Anyone with an open mind who listened to football star Herschel Walker, gun owners Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Democrat Vernon Jones, Cuban refugee Maximo Alvarez, or grieving father Andrew Pollack explain why they support President Trump had to be persuaded that perhaps the picture of Trump and of America painted by CNN and the Democrats is a false portrait fueled by hate.

If CNN were smart, they would admit defeat and just not carry any more of the GOP convention. Better to give up any remaining credibility they have as a serious news organization and focus on their core mission — defeat Donald Trump by lying about him 24 hours a day.

If they show the remaining three days of the convention unfiltered, they will single-handedly ensure the re-election of President Trump. The more people who hear the truth about Trump — especially black and minority voters — the bigger his landslide will be in November!


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