New look for Heartland Diary USA is unexpected result of website crash! Whaddaya think?

Gee! I’ve thought about trying a new look on www., but I never expected it to happen today!

So here’s what I learned: when they warn you to back up your website before going live with random code changes you have no business doing in the first place, THEY MEAN IT!

I have been trying for the past week to improve some page-loading speed issues on my website, mostly without luck, when I stumbled upon a “solution” that looked easy enough for a high IQ individual such as myself. Just cut and paste some code into a file and sit back to enjoy the ride as your website suddenly accelerates to Corvette like speeds.

Or maybe just comes to a complete stop with an ominous matter-of-fact message replacing all your dozens of posts: “Website has critical error.”


Well, I figured I would just back up the site to the minutes before I screwed up, but when I looked I discovered that the new backup was coming in 15 minutes and would be useless. The previous backup was from 24 hours before and would have missed two posts of mine, plus several reader comments.

As a last chance, I contacted my hosting provider in the Ukraine (no really!) and turned myself over to the good graces of a tech named Nataly. One hour later I had my website back (thanks Nataly!) but discovered that the theme I have been using since I started Heartland Diary USA in October 2018 was no longer available! Dang!

So that sent me scrambling, and probably left a few readers confused, as I tried out a variety of website themes. The one I settled on is now live, and I think it might be an improvement in some ways. Let me know what you think, too. You can see a picture with this post, but if you’re reading the post you’ve already seen the spiffy new look. Oh yeah, and it apparently loads faster too!

But don’t get too comfortable. Now that I know how to change a website theme, I may not be done yet. Don’t be surprised if I try something new every couple of days just to see how it feels.

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In the meantime, one thing won’t change at “Go Trump!”


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11 Replies to “New look for Heartland Diary USA is unexpected result of website crash! Whaddaya think?”

  1. It’s good to tidy up every so often and this site seems much better organized now. Brave Start! No offense, but am glad the little
    ol’ man is gone; funny possibilities, but not in keeping with what you do which is a lot classier. The blue background is soothing after all that previous redness. You might diminish the margins above and below Heartland Diary & enlarge & jazz up the font of “News Every Conservative Can Use” because that is an excellent grabber.
    Well, you wanted to know what we thought….no offense, I hope. Keep truckin’.

  2. P.S. What’s that tiny, black box thing that rotates in the center when we click your site? Kinda scary and off putting.
    Hope it’s just a temporary glitch.

    1. Hey Carl: there are the same number of ads as before. Actually I thought they fit in better on this site, but that’s just a matter of taste. More importantly, the ads are the only means I have of paying myself for doing the posts. It’s a mere pittance, but I would hate to give it up. I might experiment with a donation system like Patreon, but I doubt they would result in enough revenue to make up for even the little. It I get from the ads.

  3. I, for one, like it. More streamlined, and the ads aren’t nearly as annoying as on many websites. Great job!

  4. Frank, I enjoy and look forward to your daily narratives, all of which make sense, are fact based, and supportive of a President who is giving his all for the American people and our system of government. Thank you and keep up the good effort !

  5. Its your party can do what you want to…
    Per Rick Nelson.. ” Garden Party ”
    “You cant please ,you’ve got to please yourself”
    Formats might be like floormats..
    Just a way to get there….

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