Chinese virologist says Wuhan flu was cooked up in lab; Twitter tries to silence her

Well, now you can officially call it the Wuhan virus. Chinese scientist Li-Meng Yan says she has proof that the virus was manufactured in a lab in Wuhan, China, and probably unleashed on the world intentionally.

You probably won’t ever hear this story on CNN except to call it a debunked far-right conspiracy theory, but if this woman is correct it changes everything we thought we knew about “COVID- 19.”

Tucker Carlson invited Yan on his Sept. 15 show and conducted a fascinating interview with the woman who is going to blow the lid off the attempt to cover up the truth. I’ve posted a video on YouTube that adds commentary on this interview to try to help spread the word.

“This virus actually is not from nature. It is a man-made virus created in the lab based on the … very unique bat coronavirus which cannot affect people, but after the modification becomes a very harmful virus as now,” Yan said.

“Based in the virus genome, it’s basically like our fingerprint, so you can see the very unusual characters in their genome … which clearly … we can see finally this [inaudible] comes from their own special bat coronavirus and then targets humans.”

So how is Yan so confident?

“This virus is like Frankenstein. So they created those things [in the genome] like basically a cow [that has] a deer’s head, has rabbit’s ears and also has monkey’s hands. So they can never get it from nature.”

Yan escaped China in April because she feared for her life and she wanted to get the truth to the world. Of course the irony is that now she has been suspended from Twitter in the “Land of the Free” because she won’t go along with the Chinese Communist Party’s “cover story” that the virus originated in a wet market or a bat cave. Apparently she “violated Twitter rules.” Were those the rules against science? Or against pissing off the Chinese Communist Party?

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Carlson asked Yan directly how she thinks the virus came out of the lab and into the world, and she said it was intentional. She plans to release more research on this aspect later, but she confirmed it was released by the Chinese military in order to do damage to the world.

No wonder Yan said that she left China so she would not “be disappeared.” Let’s hope Twitter, Facebook, Google and the Fake News Media can not make the story disappear.


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