Can Trump reshape the court for 30 years? Only if he’s re-elected

Here’s another Democrat lie about Donald Trump and the Supreme Court: “If Trump gets his nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed, it will ‘shape the court’ for the next 30 years.”

That is sophomoric thinking at its worst, and is typical Democrat fear-mongering. Barrett may well serve for 30 years, but that doesn’t shape the court for the next 30 years.

What WILL shape the court for the next 30 years is who is elected president on Nov. 3.

If President Trump doesn’t get re-elected, then it is very likely his three Supreme Court appointments will only re-shape the court for from two to four years.

Here’s why:

Justice Clarence Thomas is 72 years old. The average life expectancy of an American black male is 72 years old. Thomas may or may not die in the next four years, but he certainly could die or become incapacitated. If Trump names his replacement, then you could say Trump’s nominees could reshape the court for 20 or 30 years.

But if Joe Biden is elected president, and we’re to nominate Thomas’s replacement, then you would mostly likely see a return to a 4-4 court with Chief Justice Roberts providing the swing vote to keep the court center-left.

Equally significant in our calculations is that liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is 82 years old. If Biden were elected in the next term, then it is very likely Breyer would leave the court voluntarily sometime in the next four years to ensure a liberal replacement. That would again protect the status quo.

But if Trump we’re re-elected, it is very likely Breyer would try to remain on the court till the 2024 election just as Justice Ginsburg tried to outlast Trump during the current term. Here we need to note that the average life expectancy for a white man is 77, so Justice Breyer might not succeed in making it to 2025 either.

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Again, the upcoming election is more crucial than the Barrett appointment in shaping the court for the long term.

Throw in the fact that Justice Samuel Alito is 70 years old, and you have one more reason to see the court’s future in play over the next four years.

President Trump has certainly exceeded expectations in getting conservatives named to the high court, but that doesn’t mean he has a guarantee of getting conservative rulings for the long term. And that doesn’t even take into account the frequent leftward turn of justices appointed by Republican presidents. If any of Trump’s nominees turn out to be closet liberals like Justice Roberts, then all bets are off.


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  1. We just have to elect Trump as he may get three nominees next term and that would certainly run the Federal courts for the next thirty years. We suffered with the Donkey’s court enough as they had it for about seventy years before we began to make some progress. The Donkeys are really scared! RLS

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