Trump “as strong as ever” just hours before COVID diagnosis. Don’t buy the lies from MSM!

Forget about the rumors and anything you read in the New York Times, about President Trump’s condition after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Comedian and conservative radio host Joe Piscopo was with President Trump in Bedminster, N.J., just hours before he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and Piscopo said the president was “on the top of his game” and “as strong as I’ve ever seen him.”

Check out my YouTube channel for a great interview with Piscopo done by Neil Cavuto, whom I usually don’t have anything good to say about, but in this case, “Thanks, Neil, for letting Piscopo tell America what he saw with his own eyes.”

Piscopo told Cavuto: “I said to guys my own age, look at how strong this guy is, President Trump. He was focused, his mental clarity was off the charts… He did a speech about a half hour or forty-five minutes and then he did questions. People kept asking questions… we were amazed at the stamina, the strength… his voice was strong, his tenor was strong, his mental acumen was brilliant, the best I’ve ever seen him.”

An added bonus from the interview: Piscopo talks about the thorough COVID precautions in place at the event! Don’t let the Fake News Media spin the story into an anti-Trump narrative.

(By the way, if you want to get a snapshot of the dementia on the left, just visit Twitter to see what obscene bile they are vomiting up to celebrate Trump and Melania being diagnosed with the China virus. Disgusting!)


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2 Replies to “Trump “as strong as ever” just hours before COVID diagnosis. Don’t buy the lies from MSM!”

  1. We are now agreed Pres. Trump made a mistake. Why? Well, today, the Media reported that he has Covid-19, one day after the debate! Is that a coincidence? Hardly. This is the reason Trump did poorly. He already knew before he began the debate. There is also a possibility that Joe Biden knew as well. I say that because I’m suspicious of the medical profession as well. I have been hounded by the VA for a blood test five months after seeing my local doctor. I refused. Then I was threatened to be separated from the VA if I don’t do it in twelve days. It’s peculiar.
    But the debate was bad. I believe Trump never found out of his contraction of Covid-19 TODAY, it was at least yesterday, maybe way before the debate. Trump challenged fate or a Fake report. It distracted him. But now we know who and what we are dealing with. We are forced to be serious. Perhaps, our votes have become meaningless.

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