Boom! Trump aide Steve Cortes calls out Chris Wallace’s bias to his face!

Trump campaign aide Steve Cortes fought back hard against Never Trumper Chris Wallace today when he appeared on “Fox News Sunday” pointing out that Wallace was acting more like a partisan Democrat than a journalist not just during that interview but also at Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Cortes, who has repeatedly proved himself a stalwart defender of Donald Trump against the left-wing lies used against him, was entirely prepared when Wallace kept interrupting and “correcting” him as he gave his answers about whether it was appropriate for the first family to go maskless at the debate.

“Chris, the way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night,” Cortes said.

“Oh yeah, I harangued him!” said Wallace in response.

“He had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well. You were not a neutral moderator then. I don’t mind tough questions. I welcome them, reasonably tough questions, but what I don’t think is OK is when you become the effective opposition to the president.”


Check out the video at about 3:15 to see that exchange. Of course, Wallace trotted out his typical attack on the president in response.

“Steve, let me … say the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times, so I object to you saying I harangued the president. I know it’s the talking point.”

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The rest of us object to Wallace’s obvious bias and distortions. Wallace claimed after the debate the Trump was responsible for the rowdy quality of the debate because he “started it” by interrupting Biden. Actually, Biden interrupted Trump six times before Trump saw that Wallace was not going to be an effective moderator, so he hit back against Biden.

In addition, Wallace has no excuse for the biased questions he asked, nor for protecting Biden from questions about his corrupt family dealings around the world.


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One Reply to “Boom! Trump aide Steve Cortes calls out Chris Wallace’s bias to his face!”

  1. Glad word is getting out to the universe that the untouchable mega star Chris Wallace is acting very much like a Biden body guard. As you said, Trump saw Wallace allow Biden to interrupt. Like a high school teacher, if he couldn’t keep order and maintain the appearance of fair play, then don’t blame the kids. Fox management got great ratings due to TRUMP, but they trotted around Chris Wallace this week on all the shows for a victory lap which he did not deserve. They may have been doing damage control because interruptions or no interruptions, Wallace sounded like a scolding junior high teacher who is out of his/her depth and management heard the criticisms. Can’t watch his self-righteousness. Holier than thou doesn’t get ratings. Trump got the ratings for them. Not Biden, not Wallace.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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