Trump orders all Russia Hoax documents released — Or did he?

Not sure what to make of this. FOX News is claiming that Trump has ordered all material related to the Russia Hoax and the Hillary Clinton email investigation to be declassified without redactions.

Is Fox misinterpreting a pair of Tuesday night tweets by Trump?

As the president himself pointed out, he declassified the material a long time ago, but only a tiny fraction of it has seen the light of day. It looks to me like Trump is just reminding everyone that he asked for the documents to be released, not that he is expecting them to come out immediately. Here are the two relevant tweets:

The first tweet is a response to the remarkable investigative journalist Paul Sperry, who has been essential in piercing the veil of secrecy around Obamagate, ImpeachmentGate and more.

Trump just says he has “fully authorized” the release and declassification of the secret documents. But as Trump himself notes in the second tweet, he actually did that “long ago” — meaning last year. Unfortunately, FBI Director Wray and CIA Director Haspel have been dragging their feet in a massive CYA operation. At the end of the second tweet, the president ordered his underlings to “Act!” But it remains to be seen whether that order will be taken seriously by AG Barr or anyone else.

This Sunday, Rep. Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo that “every Republican senator and member of Congress should be saying…we want every damn bit of evidence that every intelligence agency has or it’s maybe time to shut those agencies down.”

Maybe that is having some impact. Trump may have even watched the interview. In the meantime, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe earlier today did declassify two documents that strongly suggest the FBI covered up for Hillary Clinton’s plot to “stir up” trouble for Trump by falsely claiming he was allied with Russia. The documents, especially a note by CIA Director John Brennan, also establish that President Obama was in on the cover-up.

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That alone should provoke demands for a national investigation of Comey, Obama, Brennan and Clinton. Let’s hope the president drives this issue home every day between now and Nov. 3. Could we get some TV ads please?


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5 Replies to “Trump orders all Russia Hoax documents released — Or did he?”

  1. Good idea to suggest ads which would run on CBS, NBC, and abc, to illustrate the unlawful behavior of Brennan, Comey, and Clapper, with the insidious lies from Susan Rice. Susan rice lied big-time once that we know of about Benghazi, so the new lies would of course come easier and easier for her.
    But she represents all political Intel agencies.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. President Trump asked for the release of the Russia hoax records perhaps even when Dan Coates was DNI. But Dan Coates, Gina Hassel, Christopher Wray, were NEVER going to allow their former lunch mates, office mates, or bowling buddies to take the blame. They hid everything. At the expense of President Trump.


    1. How about Adam Schiff? As head of the Intel agency, he knew this Russia story was ridiculous. He had to have asked himself, “What are the chances of this well known man having anything to do with Russians?” Nope. If you asked him about the weather he said, “Donald Trump and the Russians.” How’s the traffic Mr. Schiff? “Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.” And he is sticking to this nonsense. He’s not the only one whose hatred got the best of his common sense and common decency. Eric swallwell was a willing participant. It shows his bad judgment, but each of them took away sound bites that will help get them reelected. I tell people all the time: these people are really smart. Despicable and lack morals, but they are smart.


      1. Eric swallwell agreed with whatever Nancy Pelosi and Schiff said, and the liberal dishonest media allowed these felonious stories to be broadcast 24/7 unchecked, unchallenged, and unethically. Debbie (Cheater) Schultz same script. The funny thing is that they all love Obama. Ok, understood. But the Russian collusion story came from “Hillery’s ‘foreign affairs advisor,” and Obama HATES him. Hillery’s ‘foreign affairs advisor is, and always was, Sidney Blumenthal. Obama hates this guy and told Hillary that Blumenthal could not be part of her staff. Sidney authored many negative Obama ads for Hillary for 2008, as in “Shame on you, Barack Obama…” (my favorite). So she ignored Obama’s edict and stealthily used Sidney’s foreign relatios expertise. See how that worked out in Libya! She also ignored Obama’s demand that she NOT continue soliciting money from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State. Just look at the Clinton Foundation.

        Joe Morrisco
        Bedminster, NJ 07921

  3. Brennan kept his security clearance for too long a time. He should have had it revoked as soon as he left his office. He used his position at the CIA and as a “Trump hater” to get the CNN gig. When reports came out from over 13 Trump hating lawyers who had unlimited access to files and millions of dollars that there was no connection to Russia from anyone in the Trump campaign, Brennan said, “I got bad Intel.”

    Who would trust Comey, Brennan, or Gina or Schiff or any of the Russians under the bed spokespeople?

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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