Fake debate is fake canceled by fake Debate Commission! Idiots!

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Friday that it has canceled the Oct. 15 virtual debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Don’t you believe it! You can’t cancel something which was never scheduled in the first place.

The president’s campaign had agreed to an in-person townhall-style debate on Oct. 15. The president is still willing to attend, and has even shared to postpone the debate till Oct. 22, but Biden refuses to participate.

The president NEVER agreed to a virtual debate where Joe Biden could hide in his basement with a teleprompter, an earpiece and a roomful of handlers. This “virtual debate” was invented out of thin air unilaterally by the Commission on Helping Joe Biden Win Debates.

Now they say they are canceling the debate because Trump refuses to participate. This is the equivalent of your neighbor announcing that you will buy their house for a million dollars, but never getting your signature, then dismissively announcing that the deal is off because you are refusing to follow through! Idiots!

This came the same day, it should be noted, when Steve Scully, the Fake Neutral Moderator of the second (Fake) debate, was discovered to have sent a fake (Almost Certainly Real) tweet to Trump Hater Anthony Scaramucci! The Commission on Doing Anything to Protect Democrats at Debates announced that Scully’s Twitter account had inexplicably been hacked (perhaps by Fake Russians!). How convenient, especially considering that Scully was a Joe Biden intern many years ago.

I may be wrong, but I think the logo of the presidential debate commission is two birds taking a dump on the American people. Or maybe that is just the commission giving the bird to Republicans.

Hopefully this long national nightmare will spell the end forever of the Commission to Help Democrats Win Debates By Selecting Left Wing Moderators. Any Republican who agrees to let these shysters run anything other than a concession stand in the next debate is a damn fool.

Sadly, there are plenty of damn fools in the Republican Party. Fortunately, Donald Trump isn’t one of them.

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