New poll has Biden up by 17 points: Do you believe it?

The day after Slow Joe Biden said he was running for Senate, a new Opinium/Guardian poll shows Biden leading President Trump by 57-40 percent. If true, I am going to laugh myself silly on election night! How stupid would people have to be to elect a senile communist over the most consequential president in three-quarters of a century.

Wait, it gets better! According to The Guardian, the American people prefer Biden on every issue, including the economy! And they also think Biden is more mentally fit than Trump, despite the fact that half of America now calls the Democrat “Sleepy Joe.”

According to a story by David Smith for The Guardian, “…whereas Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ label and allegations seemed to stick, his attempts to portray Biden as mentally unstable appear to be falling short. In fact, voters say Biden, 77, has better mental stamina than 74-year-old Trump by a 48% to 44% margin.”

This has to be a joke, right?

This is the same Joe Biden who couldn’t even remember Mitt Romney’s name so he referred to him as “the senator who was a Mormon.”

But that’s not all. Listen to Biden’s entire statement about how he didn’t think Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith was a question in considering her for the Supreme Court:

“I don’t think there’s any questions about her faith. You may remember, I got in trouble when we were running against the senator, who was a Mormon, he was a governor, OK? And I took him on, and nobody’s faith should be questioned.”

Not only can’t Biden remember the 2012 Republican presidential candidate’s name, but clearly he has a problem expressing himself accurately. When he says, “I took him on,” he really means the exact opposite. He means that when others attacked Romney for his Mormon faith, he supported the former governor of Massachusetts. Generally, when you take someone on, it means you are fighting them or opposing them. Even Joe Biden may agree with that if it is explained to him slowly and in small words.

But the question now isn’t whether Biden is fit for office; it’s whether the voters are fit to lead the country. Let’s face it, Democrat Biden will almost certainly win the national vote, although by much less than 17 points, and that is scary enough, but if that translates into an electoral victory as well, then there is no reason to ever trust the American public again.

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Of course, if the poll is inaccurate, if Biden’s national lead is really only 3-4 percent, then Trump still has a good chance of winning the vote in the Electoral College. The best explanation for a smaller Biden lead would be that massive numbers of voters are lying to pollsters. Lots of people believe that to be happening, and they may be right, but I also know a lot of people (even here in Montana) who hate Donald Trump and who will happily vote against him — no matter what. Even if it means voting for a senile communist.

So as much as I’d like to believe that the public has outsmarted the pollsters, and they will hand Democrats a devastating defeat at the ballot box, I’m not nearly as confident as I was four years ago at this time, especially not with the fake reforms of early voting and mail ballots to skew the voting.

How about you? Still willing to predict a Trump victory with three weeks to go? Let me know.


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