Fox News must fire the buffoon Leland Vittert for protecting Joe Biden

Take your pick: Is Leland Vittert of Fox News just an idiot or is he corrupt?

Today (Oct. 17, 2020) Vittert was interviewing Tim Murtaugh of the Trump re-election campaign about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deals in Ukraine and China. Murtaugh noted that Fox has confirmed that Joe Biden was the “big guy” who an email said was supposed to get 10 percent equity in a business deal involving a Chinese energy company.

Vittert tried to protect Joe Biden by saying there is no evidence on Biden’s 2017 taxes that he ever took any corrupt money from China. What a moron!

First of all the email was about a deal that Hunter Biden was trying to put together, not a done deal. Second, if Joe had taken a share of a company doing business in China, does anyone think he would have reported it to the IRS. Finally, remember that the 10 percent share was going to Hunter on behalf of “the big guy.” It never would have shown up under Joe’s name!

Fox News must fire Leland Vittert.

Let’s send a message to Fox: Either Leland Vittert goes, or we go. Call Fox News customer service at 1 (888) 369-4762 or use the email form here.


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3 Replies to “Fox News must fire the buffoon Leland Vittert for protecting Joe Biden”

  1. I am from Delaware since 1962. No one here is shocked as they have heard rumors for years that have now ended as true. I have also said for about the last 25 years what Trump is now saying that all of the Democrats are like the Mafia as they steal from the American taxpayer. They are now not even attempting to hide their deeds of corruption Trump is trying to end it but they are making too much to easily give in. Only Rico, the courts, FBI, and Justice dept can save us. But, they appear to be part of the problem and not the resolution. I guess history shows us there is no answer as the same happened to the Roman Empire. RLS

  2. The answer is, he’s that dumb. He’s been awful in the past. Thanks for snipping this. Most of us aren’t watching FNC any more, so we wouldn’t have known the latest otherwise. I’m going to start calling Leland the Ken Doll.

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