Loathsome Jake Tapper without evidence accuses Lara Trump of “stutter shaming” Joe Biden

This has to be one of the low points in journalism of all time. In the Oct. 18, 2020, edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Smirky Jake Tapper ambushed President Trump’s daughter-in-law with a question posed in such a way as to make it look like she had “stutter shamed” former Vice President Joe Biden when she said months ago that it was hard to watch Biden talk because he has such a hard time expressing himself clearly.

Of course, as Lara Trump says, no one knew Biden had stuttered as a child until he exploited the issue at the Democratic convention. Trump said she was addressing Biden’s cognitive decline, which led to Tapper smirking and harummppphing all over himself with feigned outrage.

“You’re not a doctor,” he yelled at her, so how do you know he has cognitive decline?!? YET Fake News Tapper expected Lara to be able to retroactively diagnose Biden as a childhood stutterer. Pathetic.

Besides, how is he so certain about what she meant? Is he a mind reader now too in addition to being a stooge for the Democrat Party? This is just one more accusation without evidence tossed against the first family.

In fact, Lara explained that she was talking about Biden’s mental capacity, not his vocalization ability… “What I’m saying, Jake, is that we can see that Joe Biden is struggling at times on stage, and it’s very concerning to a lot of people that this could be the leader of the free world. I genuinely feel sorry for Joe Biden.”

The worst moment of all was Tapper’s phony statement at the end that “I’m sure it was from a place of concern — we all believe that.” Yeah, Jake, just like we all believed your expressions of concern for President Trump when he was diagnosed with COVID. You worm!

For the record, the entire hour of “State of the Union” was an unpaid campaign contribution to Biden. Guests were the Democratic Speaker of the House, a Democratic senator and a Democratic Governor, all spewing hate-Trump rhetoric. And of course, the panel session pitted Tapper and three Democrats against lonely Chris Christie, who is allowed on the show as a Republican guest only because he can be counted on to criticize Trump as much as he praises him.


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