Are Democrats whipping Biden across finish line so Harris can take the reins?

Not sure anyone would confuse Joe Biden with a thoroughbred racehorse, so pardon my headline, but the question is why are Democrats trying to keep Biden’s candidacy alive till after Election Day.

The only possible explanation is that they are planning a bait-and-switch where us gol-durn gullible Americans get four years of President Kamala Harris while Joe gets to try out his new slippers and robe at the Old Folks Home.

Not only are they covering up Biden’s cognitive decline and his physical decay, but now they are protecting him from his own moral turpitude.

He is a dead horse, with a heart that exploded coming around the final turn, when his idiot son Hunter’s laptop surfaced with a decade’s worth of evidence of corruption, but Dems won’t admit that Biden is doomed.

They are hiding him from the public and pretending everything is OK while his world is disintegrating like the Earth cracking around John Cusack’s limo in “2012.”

All one can surmise is that they are hoping that Biden will stagger past the finish line ahead of President Trump before he is hauled off in handcuffs to answer for his crimes against the American people.

Even if Biden were elected on November 3, or whenever the last fraudulent mail ballot reaches the last Democratic drop box, he is damaged goods. Trump would almost certainly appoint a special prosecutor on his way out the door to expose the Biden Crime Family’s deals in Ukraine, China, Russia and Iraq. Biden would either die from the stress or he would quietly step aside to let his Commie running mate take the reins.

So Harris has to be Plan A, not Plan B. The Democrat establishment already knows Biden is toast, but if they admit it now, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. That’s why they are whistling past the graveyard with hopes that they can leave Biden’s corpse behind and have Harris ride to the rescue.

This is scary stuff. We have never had a candidate so flawed in a public way as Biden is now. Yet the media and the establishment desperately want him to win — presumably because they all have their hands in the same cookie jar.

Just remember, a vote for Corrupt Joe Biden is a vote for Commie Kamala Harris AND a vote for the Swamp! Trump’s victory is the only miracle cure possible to save the nation from the rot within.


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2 Replies to “Are Democrats whipping Biden across finish line so Harris can take the reins?”

  1. Love your writing.
    However I must beg to differ on your statement:
    “We have never had a candidate so flawed in a public way as Biden is now.”
    I would call that horse race a photo finish with Hillery.
    Keep up the good work.

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