VIDEO: Voting for Trump was the easiest thing I ever had to do!

Folks, I just had to have some fun with the most important election of my lifetime, so my son Huzhao and I put together a video of me voting for Donald Trump!

Generally, I hate mail ballots and early voting, but with COVID, I had no choice but to vote by absentee ballot. This video shows the moment when I cast my vote for Donald Trump, and as the video says, “That was easy!”

But if we want President Trump to win, we are going to have to get everyone who feels the same way as us to do the same. Make sure you vote, however you can do it, and remember to vote for Republicans up and down the ballot. The president won’t be able to get anything done unless he has allies in the Senate and House.

For me, that means Steve Daines for Senate and Matt Rosendale for U.S. House. And if you live in Montana, too, please also vote for Greg Gianforte for governor. Sixteen years of Democratic governors in our state is 16 years too much!

If you don’t trust the Post Office to deliver your ballot safely, in most places you can drop your ballot off in person at the election office. Let’s get ‘er done for Donald J. Trump, the greatest president in more than a century!


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10 Replies to “VIDEO: Voting for Trump was the easiest thing I ever had to do!”

  1. It was very easy for me as well to vote for Trump. Your son is movie star handsome with an amazing voice for his age. He has places to go with his talent. I have my fingers xxx for the election. RLS

  2. Would like to know how you feel about the “Center for Voter Information.” The outfit looks crooked to me and, if you have been getting the daily mails from the same outfit, you may have thoughts on crooked thrusts to move voters toward Democrat ideas. It may be nothing but I am concerned and will respect your thoughts.

    1. Hi Jack: I’m sure you are right. They are snakes in sheep’s clothing. In my case it is a waste of money, but they may be able to target people in such a way as you make a difference for Dems.

  3. When Sue and I had breakfast this morning she was reading your column. Immediately, she asked me, did I see your son? I said yes and she said he was one of the most darling children she has every seen. She spoke of his speaking ability and handsomeness with joy in noting the happy interaction between you and you son. It was a pleasure for us. The two of you will have many happy years together. RLS

  4. Huzhao definitely lifted our spirits on Grim Thursday and reminded us of why we fight so hard to defend & preserve the best values of American life. Look forward to hearing more from this future statesman. (?)

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