Hogan Gidley refuses to play victim to Hallie Jackson’s Fake News narrative

There are many purveyors of Fake News on MSNBC, but Hallie Jackson has to be among the worst.

On the morning of the final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump interviewed Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley with the plan of trying to set him up to sabotage Trump in some way. In the final five minutes of the interview, Jackson asks Gidley whether Trump will abide by the debate rules and whether it’s OK to have plexiglas dividers on the stage.

Gidley realizes the question is nonsense and quickly pivots to a discussion of what Americans want to hear discussed, including the “Scandal That Must Not Be Named” (psst! Hunter Biden is an unverified crook and so is his father!). Jackson gets offended and says the American people really want to hear about muted mikes and plexiglas shields!

Then Jackson asks Gidley about the election security issue, claiming that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud because FBI Director Wray says so. Ha! Gidley turned the issue around and points out that numerous local NBC affiliates have reported on voter fraud across the country.

Jackson was left dismissing the work of real journalists at NBC so she could make her Fake News political point that Trump is inventing stories of voter fraud. Apparently realizing Gidley had backed her into a corner, she quickly ended the interview, but not without a snide shot at Gidley and her infamous raised eyebrows of scorn (see photo!).


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