Donald Trump Jr. tells Montana: Vote for Republicans because “we’re getting shit done!” EXACTLY!

It was worth the wait! Donald Trump Jr. arrived late for his rally in Kalispell, Montana, on Saturday night, probably due to his grueling schedule of campaign stops this week, but he delivered big-time for a crowd of one thousand or more people at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

The message: Get out and vote for Real Change! For Real Accomplishments! For Real Americans! Get out and vote for Republicans and for Donald Trump.

Don Jr., his voice hoarse but his passion full-throated, talked about the final days of campaigning in the Rust Belt and said he knows his father will win on Tuesday.

“We see the energy, we see the enthusiasm from people, Americans, who are excited that someone is finally fighting for them.

Why? “Because,” as Don Jr. said, “We’re getting shit done!”

Trump spoke extensively about Joe Biden’s corruption problem, and about the media’s coverup and suppression of the story.

“You don’t have free speech, your First Amendment is on the table this election, and you know you don’t have to look any further than the last 10 days. If they can silence that kind of news, where the guy that’s gonna be in charge of the free world is gonna be compromised by Russia and China and everyone else, and they don’t even want to report it, think about how scary that is.

“That sound more like communist China than the United States of America.”

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Trump Jr. continued: “That’s why we need Donald Trump in there, and that’s why we need fighters like Steve Daines in the Senate, like Matt Rosendale in the House, like Greg Gianforte in the governor’s mansion — people who will fight for a Montana’s values, people who will fight with Donald Trump for the things that we believe in.”

Trump compared the current slate of GOP candidates to the RINOs “who go to DC and roll over and die each and every time.”

“No more folks! Those people don’t line the Republican Party anymore. Now we have warriors — and because we have warriors, we’re getting shit done!”

Now we the voters have to get it done for President Trump. The key message of Saturday’s event was this: Get out and vote, but even after you vote, get your like-minded friends and relatives to vote too! We don’t want to send a gun-grabber like Steve Bullock to the Senate because a few hundred supporters of the Second Amendment stayed home.

Vote in person at the county election office or by dropping your mail ballot off there. Don’t vote by mail because it’s too late now. Those ballots probably won’t be counted. Vote in person to protect your liberty and your Constitution.

BTW: The rally included a kick-ass performance of the national anthem by rocker Ted Nugent, great speeches by all the top GOP candidates in Montana, and a wildly supportive crowd. Only the hate-filled Democrats could find anything to criticize, and they did: According to these losers, the rally was a super-spreader event and anyone there will probably die! Seems more likely, the Dems thinks the rally will spread the truth, which is what they are really afraid of.


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  1. Thank you, Frank, for arranging such great seats. We really enjoyed Jr’s energetic,good humor and
    being in company virtually with other Flathead Valley Trump warriors.

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