If you want to see liberal heads explode, VOTE FOR TRUMP!

One of the favorite things to do with my now 10-year-old after the 2016 election was search the Internet for video compilations of TV hosts making asses of themselves predicting a Hillary Clinton blowout and then crying when it became obvious Donald Trump had won Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania … and the WHITE HOUSE!

It didn’t matter which video you pulled up, as long as you could hear Wolf Blitzer express shock, Gloria Borger express dismay or Martha Raddatz tear up over this “tragedy,” you could relive the greatest day of our lives!

But over the last four years, the joy went away as those nasty people continued to spout their Trump hatred in CNN and MSNBC; they continued to promote the Russia Hoax, the impeachment hoax, the “Nazis are fine people” hoax; they kept insisting that Trump would lose in 2020, that he would be rebuked by the voters, that he was a racist and so were we.

To be honest, it got to be exhausting!

But now we have a chance to get our revenge — and to Make Trump Victory Compilations Great Again!

It’s time! For the last 18 months, we have been told by every expert, every elite, every RINO, every so-called journalist that Trump was not just going to lose, he was going to lose big. He was going to be humiliated. He was going to have his face rubbed in the mud. And after that, he was going to be sent to jail.

Ha ha! But now we the people have the power again! And we are going to vote for Trump — BIGLY! I can’t wait to watch Tuesday night when Trump wins Florida easily, wins North Carolina and Georgia, wins Ohio and Iowa, then builds up leads in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The panic will set in. The flop sweat will start dripping. Tears will barely be concealed. Contingency plans will be launched, but most important of all …. LIBERAL HEADS WILL EXPLODE!

And that is the greatest feeling in the whole world! Can’t wait for the new 2020 greatest-hits tape to roll! Dear God, please let Jake Tapper cry! Now that would be a great finish!

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2 Replies to “If you want to see liberal heads explode, VOTE FOR TRUMP!”

  1. After watching the UTUBE compilation above, two thoughts came to mind .

    Confucius said: “He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man…Follow him.
    “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool….Shun him.”

    Also: Melania……”Be Best”……….Donald….”Be Bold”

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