Does CNN exit poll have Easter eggs for Trump?

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks to people near a community youth center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Not sure if the Fake News Media are smart enough to figure it out, but obviously the exit polls done today are completely unrepresentative since they are going to skew toward in-person, day-of-election voters.

At least I bet they do. The pollsters are claiming they included mail voters, but there is no way to verify those voters. They could be anybody. You are depending on them to self-identify and that’s completely unreliable.

CNN is making a big deal out of their poll showing 65 percent white voters compared to 71 percent in 2016. “The country is less white,” we are told. Left unsaid is the assumption that white voters are crazy racists who love Trump. But also left unsaid is that if the poll skews toward in-person voters, then that impacts the results. What is the chance that white people voted by mail in a greater proportion than blacks or Hispanics? The poll is quiet on that issue. Seems unlikely white people stayed home for the most important election of our lifetime, so I am betting they voted by mail and were missed by CNN.

If you really can count on the CNN poll, then CNN had better be worried. That’s because there poll shows the No. 1 issue for voters is “the economy, stupid.” Wait! What about COVID? Umm, nope, sorry — third place! So the narrative that the left wing media has been selling for the last two months is completely wrong.

According to Hate Trump CNN, all voters care about is how “badly” Trump has handled the virus. Wrong!

One-third (about 34 percent) care more about the economy, Trump’s strong suit. And one in five (about 21 percent) are worried about race relations (maybe because of the BLM riots in our major cities?!?). Only one in six (about 18 percent) put COVID first.

That’s bad news for Joe Biden. So is the fact that only 11 percent said health care was the most important issue. That is the go-to issue for Democrats, but it is tied with the GOP issue of “crime and violence” so it probably won’t get Joe Biden elected.

Of course I’m smart enough to know this poll is no better than any other CNN poll, so take it with a grain of salt. But if it’s accurate, you can send Biden back to his basement. His services will not be needed.


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