My prediction: Trump wins, but only if Supreme Court says so (add riots, and stir)

Look, you would have to be incredibly naive to think that a president will be elected tonight. Hillary warned us weeks ago that Joe Biden must not concede under any circumstances. The same advice would apply to President Trump as well.

That’s because of the rigged system of early voting and late counting cobbled together by Democrats and useful idiot RINOs that allows massive manipulation of the results to achieve a favored result.

Trump voters can’t take anything for granted. Remember, the system is against you. First, they put out polls showing Trump behind by double digits to discourage you from voting in a lost cause, then they released polls showing Trump gaining ground to scare more Democrats into voting.

And now they are even releasing polls showing Trump could score a relatively easy win, but don’t believe any of it. Even if Trump is ahead by 5 points in snapshot polls today, that doesn’t mean he can overcome votes cast early before the Biden corruption story broke, before Joe promised to bankrupt the oil and gas industry, before the people were able to gauge the energetic performance of President Trump in the last two weeks compared to the lackluster and tongue-tied campaigning of Basement Biden.

It’s all a mystery, and anybody (including me) who tells you he knows the outcome before the votes are counted is tempting fate. There are unseen forces at work that no one can predict.

So before we do anything, let’s take a deep breath and remember that Satan is the father of lies and a powerful enemy. He offered world power to Jesus, and he is doing the same to supporters of Joe Biden. There is no doubt that many of them will succumb to temptation and monkey with the election results. Remember, these are the same people who smash windows with skateboards, burn up stores, kill police and work tirelessly to bring down America.

Do you really think they would hesitate to steal an election?

So no matter what the results show tonight, keep in mind two things: 1) It’s all in God’s hands, and 2) It’s not over till the Supreme Court sings. Short of an overwhelming landslide victory by either candidate, that’s where this is headed.

My personal belief is that President Trump will win a majority of the electoral vote today, but court challenges, riots and more will temper that apparent victory. The results in any state where the winner is ahead by half a point or less will be challenged. Any state that allows late counting could see weird things like precincts voting 100 percent for Biden. And when Amy Coney Barrett casts the deciding vote to certify the re-election of President Trump, the Fake News Media will happily watch as Antifa destroys more cities.

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I’m not predicting chaos, but I’m prepared for it. Of course, I’m a lifelong pessimist, so what do I know? Maybe this election will be a piece of cake for Trump. If it is, I hope the first thing he does on Wednesday morning is issue a pardon to Gen. Michael Flynn, then fire that idiot of an FBI director, Christopher Wray.


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  1. Here’s my take; for 3 years Trump has known this was coming; he is a very kind hearted man and he wishes for no-one including the democrates to suffer from what’s coming; so he made that order in Sept. 2017 that all prepare 3 to 6 weeks of food and water; and this video posting last night has Trump’s mark on it with a Beautiful Woman telling us what to expect; showing us some of the evil that is planned: I’ve done my bit by posting it to my Fakerbook groups.

    We live far enough away[hopefully Montana]; but this could shut down delivery of food and fuel.

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