Thursday thoughts on an undecided election: It may come down to Pennsylvania

Last night when I posted my thoughts about the ridiculous inability of multiple states to perform the simple task of counting votes, I also assessed the state of the race in the Electoral College.

At the time, I thought it looked like Trump might lose Georgia, but assumed a scenario where he could win Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania, which would create a potential tie in the Electoral College.

Now, however, 99 percent of the vote is counted in Georgia and Trump retains an 18,148 vote lead. That means Trump could lose 67 percent of the remaining vote and still prevail. But if Biden’s vote is closer to 70 percent, Trump can still lose the state. So it all depends where the remaining vote is from.

DeKalb County (Atlanta) vote is trending 72 percent for Biden, but Atlanta suburbs are closer to 65 percent. I wouldn’t be surprised if the last percent of vote counting puts the final count within a couple thousand, and no way to know who would be on top. (OK, here’s the latest irregularity– Georgia WAS 99 percent counted earlier this morning. NOW it is 98 percent counted, with Biden ahead by less than 14,000 votes. SO Biden is gaining votes as fewer votes are counted! Not really, but you get the idea. The Dems will jiggle the numbers until Biden wins! AP still says 99 percent, but NY Times says 98. Who should we believe?)

If Trump holds on to Georgia and also wins North Carolina (very likely), then he needs to win Pennsylvania and either Arizona or Nevada to get above 270 electoral votes. If he loses Georgia, he still needs to run the table in order to get to that 269-269 tie.

Either way, Pennsylvania is crucial to a Trump victory, meaning that it has once again earned its name as the Keystone State.


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