Time to give ‘Surrender Caucus’ Republicans the heave-ho

This latest incarnation of the Democratic coup against President Trump has again made plain the difference between Trump Republicans and Bush Republicans, and it ain’t pretty for the Democrat-coddling, election-surrendering Bush-McCain-Romney traitor caucus.

I’m not gonna waste time developing a comprehensive enemies list — that seems to be the sole domain of the Democrats — but it’s worth pointing out that plenty of Republicans have proven themselves unworthy of our loyalty since they have exhibited none themselves in working to defend our president against the forces that would use corruption and fraud to unseat him.

Former President George W. Bush, for one, has proved himself beneath contempt for his unwillingness to lift a hand to protect the country from the Biden-Obama-Harris socialists.

“Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country. The President-elect reiterated that while he ran as a Democrat, he will govern for all Americans,” Bush declared.

Well, no, Biden is not a good man. He is a corrupt politician who has been exposed as a danger to the country, and if George Bush can’t recognize that, then what use is he?

 As for the fraudulent election just completed, Bush opined that “No matter how you voted, your vote counted.” Um, no, it didn’t. Not if you lived in a state where they stopped counting votes in the middle of the night because Trump was ahead. Not if your vote was switched by a computer, or your dead neighbor voted.

But Bush didn’t care. He was just saying what he was supposed to say to calm the sheep, but it isn’t working this time.

“The American people can have confidence that this election was fundamentally fair, its integrity will be upheld, and its outcome is clear.” Sorry, George. No one is buying it.

It is so disappointing to be supporting a party so filled with traitors. Mitt Romney, the lone Republican senator to vote to impeach President Trump, may be the worst.

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Romney lost no time in attacking Trump for refusing to concede to Biden: “The president … is wrong to say that the election was rigged, corrupt and stolen — doing so damages the cause of freedom here and around the world, weakens the institutions that lie at the foundation of the Republic, and recklessly inflames destructive and dangerous passions.”

Yeah, unless the election WAS rigged, corrupt and stolen, you knucklehead. Of course, it’s been reported that Romney has agreed to serve as secretary of Health and Human Services in the planned Biden administration, so that’s just one more example of Romney doing what’s good for Romney. Loser.

Another GOP senator came to Biden’s aid this week. According to Breitbart, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) has “threatened to ‘step in’ if Biden was not given access to U.S. intelligence briefings by Friday.”

“GSA has to certify that election to start turning it around. The first day they can do that on the calendar is Friday. And when that occurs, they should actually step in and, I will tell you, I’m on the committee of oversight, I’ve already started engaging in this area.”

Lankford continued, “There’s nothing wrong with Vice President Biden getting the briefings to be able to prepare himself and so that he can be ready. There is no loss from him getting the briefings to be able to do that, and if that’s not occurring by Friday, I will step in as well and to be able to push to say ‘This needs to occur,’ so that, regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.”

No, there is a problem, Sen. Lankford, because you are legitimizing Biden’s election and supporting the Democrat narrative that he has already won.

I’ll add one last example of a Republican who ought to just tuck his tail between his legs and leave the political stage. This one comes from Montana, and is sadly someone I’ve voted for in the past.

Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton was the first Montana GOP official to congratulate Biden, and as the state’s top election officer he should have known better.

“I have supported you, Mr. President, we (Montana) have supported you — and @realDinsldTrump accomplished some incredible things during your time in office! But that time is now over. Tip your hat, bite your lip, and congratulate Joe Biden. Blessings on you and your family,” Stapleton posted on Twitter.

Despicable. I hope that ends Stapleton’s career in Montana politics once and for all.

If Donald Trump’s presidency should have taught Republicans anything at all, it is that surrendering to Democrats is a fool’s game. They are not your friends, they are not the country’s friends, and you owe them nothing. Or as we say in Montana, “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be donkeys.”


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2 Replies to “Time to give ‘Surrender Caucus’ Republicans the heave-ho”

  1. The “Democrat-coddling, election-surrendering Bush-McCain-Romney traitor caucus” were NEVER conservative let alone loyal to conservative principles. They will only fight for the self serving moves to hold a seat in congress, as leaches of the tax-payers.

  2. Executive Order to demand a “Clean Election” in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. What could it hurt?

    Not a “Recount.” A “Clean New Election.” Everybody should get to the polls.

    Romney is envious. Pelosi is old and bitter.
    She is still waiting for her “closeup” to be called in to be President. Hillary is a fool, a bitter and envious fool. But….she didn’t want Biden to concede, so we have her to thank for ongoing challenges, thank you very much. Obama is a narcissist, spouting that because he was black the country elected President Trump. The country elected President Trump because Obama acted like a teenager running for class president. He had nothing in his brain but giveaways so you would love him. The theories of Freud and Jong could explain Obama’s motivations very clearly. Obama lacked a father in his entire life and always tried to please people, didn’t he? Then he would go “all arrogant” with a chip on his shoulder and lift his chin like Mussolini. But, getting back to jealous people: Cindy McCain is bitter, and, as Mr. Miele said, the Democrats are not your friends. They are “evil” which is how joy behar described President Trump. See the pattern of the Democrats? Bitter, arrogant, narcissistic. And….a touch of evil.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

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