Michigan hero Linda Lee Tarver spells out how election fraud works in Detroit

Too bad the mainstream media couldn’t be bothered to cover the election fraud hearings being held in swing states.

If they had, then America would have heard from heard from heroes like Linda Lee Tarver, who told the Michigan Senate that election fraud is rampant in Detroit and other Democrat cities in Michigan.

Why bother to do a recount? Tarver rightly pointed out that it’s not worth millions of dollars to just recount the same fraudulent votes you started with.

“Democrat controlled areas cannot seem to balance their elections [so that only legal votes are counted], and because they have been habitual violators [with] the inability to balance their election due to either ignorance, apathy, lack of leadership or lack of caring,” it won’t matter if you change the laws or do a recount.

“If you add more laws to the books, you still have people who will not follow the law. … If you followed the law in the urban Democratic controlled areas, then we would not be here today.”

Tarver knows what she’s talking about. She worked for 29 years in the office of the Michigan secretary of state. Tarver, who is black, said there will be no safe elections in Michigan until people are prosecuted for allowing illegal votes to be counted and for vote challengers to be illegally harassed.

Check out the video for part of Tarver’s testimony on Dec. 1, 2020. It’s long (about 10 minutes), but worth a full watch. If you want to skip ahead, start around 4:35 to hear Tarver take on a Democrat lawmaker.

The Senate hearing heard from a score of witnesses who testified about irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, which all favored Joe Biden over President Trump.

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Thanks to Right Side Broadcasting Network for covering this hearing. Where is the mainstream media?!?


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