Georgia spike for Joe Biden is the smoking gun of election fraud

If you were looking for evidence that Joe Biden didn’t win the election, you don’t have to look any further. The “smoking gun” has been discovered.

By now everyone has probably heard about the suitcases of ballots that were wheeled out from under a table in Atlanta and counted in the absence of vote monitors.

That video evidence came out Thursday as Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis presented evidence of election fraud to a Georgia legislative panel.

Surveillance video from the state’s largest voting center shows people taking out at least four boxes of ballots from underneath a table, and then counting them after poll watchers were sent home.

“The same person that stayed behind, the person that cleared the place out under the pretense that we are going to stop counting is the person who put the table there at 8:22 in the morning. I saw four suitcases come out from underneath the table,” Attorney Jacki Pick told Georgia senators as she described the video.

According to witnesses, each box consisted of about 6,000 ballots. If accurate, that would amount to about 24,000 potential votes. Although the ballots were contained in what were called suitcases, these are the normal lock boxes used in many Georgia counties to transport ballots.

The idea of these votes being counted secretly is bad enough, but today Ellis tweeted out a graph showing that mysteriously a huge spike of votes for Biden appeared at exactly the same time when the four ballot counters were wrapping up their work.

According to the graph Biden gained 225,000 votes during a 17-minute period just after 1 a.m. whereas Trump gained only 99,000 votes. This huge spike by itself could explain how Biden was able to pull ahead of Trump in red Georgia.

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Of course, Atlanta and Fulton County are Democrats strongholds, but maybe now we know why! A little cheating goes a long way!

Similar spikes were recorded in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, but having the spike tied to actual illegal vote counting is HUGE!


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