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President Trump is fighting like hell to strip Big Tech of their monopoly power to control the flow of information, but we all have to do our part too!

If you are tired of seeing Twitter and Facebook censor President Trump and other conservative voices, then sooner or later you have to make the move to Parler, the pro-First-Amendment social media outlet that is owned by conservatives and will never silence anyone for sharing ideas.

When you sign up for your Parler account, the first thing I want you to do is follow Heartland Diary USA at @HeartlandDiary to help support my independent pro-Trump voice. You’ll get my nearly daily conservative commentary on politics and media, plus my weekly column from Real Clear Politics.

I’ve been on Parler since December 2018, just two months after I started our website here at www., but now we are really growing. We currently have more than 1,000 followers on Parler, but we need to grow that. For now, Heartland Diary will stay on Twitter and Facebook, but they could ban me any day.

Also remember to follow me on YouTube where I have an archive of videos showing the Fake News media at its worst, and also post videos of President Trump and his supporters taking on the far-left thugs in DC and across our great country. You can find me on YouTube at Heartland Diary USA or subscribe by clicking here.

I know that YouTube is not always fair to conservatives, but don’t let them silence us. I have 551 subscribers, but I need 1000 to be able to monetize my videos. Help support my work by subscribing and then clicking the bell to receive notifications of ALL my videos.

Thanks for your support, and see you soon on Parler!


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