Raddatz and Christie team up for some classic comedy on “This Week”

I usually don’t turn to “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” for humor, but on Dec. 12, guest host Martha Raddatz and guest Chris Christie combined for a couple minutes of solid gold comedy.

First Raddatz lost it on air when introducing a segment on the Texas lawsuit being thrown out of the Supreme Court, and ABC enshrined the moment in the Blooper Hall of Fame by playing the moment live. (Seven-second delay, anyone?)

Raddatz blows a raspberry after stumbling on her words (tripping over the truth?) and then says she “blew it up.” A producer is heard telling her “no worries,” but then when they aired it live, they ensured that she should worry about it. Instant Fake News classic!

Then former NJ Gov. Christie did his best impression of a statesman as a blubbering whale and brought down the house with his Fake Moral Superiority when he insulted President Trump’s judgment. (Remember Bridgegate, anyone? Christie has no business questioning anyone’s morals.)


Here’s the video of just Raddatz’s blooper in case YouTube removes the full video because it mentions election fraud:


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One Reply to “Raddatz and Christie team up for some classic comedy on “This Week””

  1. I remember Bridgegate. I was on route 80 that day. Not going across the GW bridge, but in the long line of cars backed up. Plus, who was Chris Christie’s attorney who got him off “Bridgegate” and left Bridget Kelly and others on his team to take the wrap? I want to see if others put two and two together about how his attorney got a plum job in the Trump administration.
    Joe Morrisco

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