Bannon & Blackwell to GOP legislators: “Stop acting like 90-pound weakling”

On “War Room: Pandemic” today, Steve Bannon and Ken Blackwell talked about the constitutional power of state legislatures to establish how electors are chosen in a presidential election.

They don’t need permission from a governor or anyone else. They just need the will to act to protect the 2020 election from fraud. Blackwell says that the legislatures in swing states need to immediately convene and either decertify their state’s election results or put up a slate of electors for Trump.

Blackwell is the former Secretary of State of Ohio, and he lays out the law in plain language.

“Article 2 of the Constitution gives them the authority to self-convene … on the narrow issue of the presidential election and the Electoral College. Don’t let them escape and say we can’t self-convene… They in fact need to take back their authority and act. It is a matter of political will.”

Blackwell pointed out that President Trump has given the Republicans majorities in most state legislatures and the US Senate, as well as helping Republicans to nearly reclaim the US House.

“We have to stop acting like a 90-pound weakling. We are the majority party in the United States representing a majority of Americans and we have to reclaim our legislative authority, our constitutional right to litigate and prosecute this case and to name the electors that should represent an accurate tally of legal votes cast.”

Bannon is the best source of information every day on the battle to reclaim the White House. Check out “War Room” on YouTube, Rumble or America’s Real Voice.


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