Do you think Mike Pence will ‘come through’ for President Trump?

What do you think? Will Vice President Mike Pence use his position as president of the Senate to make a bold historic decision that will give President Trump a chance to remain in office? Or will he just fold like Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and other fairweather friends of the president?

That is the question of the day, and I for one am not confident that Pence can be counted on to stand with Trump in his hour of need.

On Wednesday, Congress will receive the electoral votes for the presidential election, and Pence will conduct that meeting. It is believed that he has the capacity as the presiding officer to accept or reject competing slates of electors. If he simply accepted alternative slates of electors supporting Trump in the contested states, it would force Democrats to object, but if they succeeded in blocking those electors, it would still mean the election would be sent to the House of Representatives, where Trump is presumed to have an advantage.

Pence also has the power to just take note of competing slates of electors and send them back to the state Legislatures to choose which slate is valid. That would return the power to the states, as the Constitution intended, but it would still be hugely controversial.

Reuter’s reported Tuesday that Pence will just shrink into the background, performing only a ceremonial role.

“He will be very supportive of the president, but again he’ll stick to the Constitution,” a former but unnamed adviser reportedly told Reuters.

“It is a ceremonial role. It is opening up envelopes and reading the contents of it,” he said. “That’s it. This is a ceremonial … position.”

Do you think Pence has the fortitude to withstand the Democratic hatred that would be poured upon him if he went further? I’m not so sure, but fortunately we only have to wait one more day to find out.

As President Trump said Monday about Pence, ““If he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much.”

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6 Replies to “Do you think Mike Pence will ‘come through’ for President Trump?”

  1. Pence is a Godly man, but Godly men and women frequently balk from doing the right thing when their careers or legacies are on the line. Tossing it back to the states in contention would be a great solution; give them 10 days to submit all the ballots to forensic testing and come back with numbers that each state legislature can agree on. Those states that deviated from the norm must pay a real price beyond a shame price for this debacle and be held accountable.

  2. Nancy McGunagle has it exactly right. At this moment, I’m watching the returns in Georgia and the same old threat is out there. Will Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue lose because buckets of ballots are “found” in a closet or under a table? You’ve gotta hand it to the devious Democrats. Whatever we think they are capable of doing, the Democrats will always surprise, shock, and distress us with how they can manipulate the media, the Democrat uneducated voters, and find loopholes which give them the upper hand. Are republicans so desperate to remain morally superior that they don’t mind looking stupid to their Democrat adversaries, or is it that they can’t make themselves fight fire with fire? I might need to go with naive.

    Joe Morrisco

  3. I pray VP Pence has the courage, fortitude and integrity to do the right thing, but I am not optimistic. It’s impossible to know who has what on him in DC. I hope he is free to make his own decision, without duress, and that he bases that on the abundant evidence that has been presented. It would be a shame to allow such brazen and rampant fraud and corruption to allow an illegitimately elected person to enter our highest office. Our country and it’s legal and law-abiding citizens deserves better!

  4. I agree with Jon Mohatt, too. Mr. Miele has great loyal supporters and I like reading their views. I pray Pence is okay, too. The New York times is the source that VP Pence can’t help Trump. I can’t imagine anyone on Trump’s team confiding in the New York Times. That’s why I wouldn’t believe any story about President Trump, his family, his friends and associates if they are from anonymous sources or a columnist, or a contributor. Why would anyone believe a word they write.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  5. Thinking doesn’t matter any more; the freedom loving patriot has been out-thunk by the tyrannical communist.
    Endless rhetoric has gutted our constitutional liberties.
    All that matters now – who wins the war!?!

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