WTH? Steve Daines loses his spine after Capitol riot, bows to Biden fraud

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., was never much of a conservative to begin with, but when he belatedly signed on with Ted Cruz’s plan to object to disputed electoral votes in swing states, I gave him a shout-out for standing up to the Twitter mob.

Turns out that Daines can’t stand up against a real mob however. I don’t know who was responsible for today’s riot on Capitol Hill, but whoever it was, they sure scared Steve Daines into a weak-ass loser.

Daines was one of the senators who decided not to challenge the election results after all (Loser Kelly Loeffler was another!) as if the issue of fraud becomes moot when someone threatens or uses violence. Makes me think maybe those rioters got their wish, which suggests they were not Trump supporters at all, but rather Antifa anarchists.

Listen to Daines’ statement issued as the Senate returned to debate after the riot, saying it is important to have a “peaceful and orderly transition of power,” while still pretending he was concerned about the lack of confidence in U.S. elections. 

“Today is a sad day for our country. The destruction and violence we saw at our Capitol today is an assault on our democracy, our Constitution and the rule of law, and must not be tolerated,” the statement said. “We must rise above the violence. We must stand together. We will not let today’s violence deter Congress from certifying the election.”

Whoa, Steve! You were supposed to be on the other side! I don’t think anyone was trying to deter you from certifying the election; they were trying to stop you from objecting to the fraud — and they succeeded!

As I noted earlier, the riot gave Democrats everything they wanted — it meant that America would not hear the case for fraud laid out by Republicans; it meant a bunch of senators got scared off; it meant fewer states would probably be challenged; it gave cover to the media claims that Trump was engaged in a coup; and it even got Trump suspended from Twitter!

As usual, Dems and RINOs win.


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2 Replies to “WTH? Steve Daines loses his spine after Capitol riot, bows to Biden fraud”

  1. Your article represents the way I feel about Daines. I expressed as much on his Senate email. I will now contact Matt Rosendale to thank him for standing his ground as reported in the Daily Interlaken.

    The Montana legislature is in session. Time for the people to again push for convention of states and get issues like Term Limits moving forward.

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