Forget the lies! Rep. LaMalfa explains that Dem impeachment of Trump is a rejection of America First

There was only an hour for Republicans to defend President Trump against the baseless impeachment charges brought by Democrats 7 days before the end of his term.

That wasn’t much time to lay out a legal case, but it turned out that you could make the case in just over a minute.

Listen as Rep. Doug LaMalfa explains that the impeachment has nothing to do with inciting a riot and everything to do with the fact that Democrats hate Trump’s pro-life, pro-borders, pro-Israel and America First agenda.

LaMalfa starts by welcoming everyone to “the second annual impeachment show extravaganza brought to you by the censors and left-wing media, the fact-check ministers of shutdown and Big Tech and the Democrat Party.

“Today, the second annual impeachment of President Trump isn’t really about actual words spoken at a rally. No this is all about the unbridled hatred of this president.”

LaMalfa then goes on to list the many reasons why Democrats hate Trump, including his strong opposition to abortion, his strong support of Israel, his belief in strong borders and his America First policy.

LaMalfa speaks for millions!

If the Republican Party is going to survive, we need to recruit and elevate more Doug LaMalfas and dump all the Liz Cheneys.

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One Reply to “Forget the lies! Rep. LaMalfa explains that Dem impeachment of Trump is a rejection of America First”

  1. Excellent news about what congressman Doug LaMalfa reported at today’s “Continued Democrat Saga” of “We Will Crush Trump and all his Descendants, We Know Best, and We Don’t Care What Any Republican Wants, Ever Again.” More conservative media ought to follow Congressman LaMalfa’s example. Make it the joke it is. Mock these people as we have been mocked. Find their Achilles heal as they have found ours. Pelosi has many weaknesses and starts squawking when anyone targets them. Someone ought to look at “Freakonomics” and see how powerful institutions, both good and bad, have been mocked into non existance.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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