Chris Wallace goes gaga over Biden inaugural address… ‘Best ever!’

If you heard that Fox News is going to shift back conservative to try to reclaim its millions of lost viewers, apparently Chris Wallace didn’t get the memo!

Wallace wants you to know that he is “all in” on the Biden presidency. In a hat tip to Lady Gaga, who delivered the national anthem at the event, Wallace went all gaga over Biden’s speech. All that was missing was a tingle up his leg!

In this remarkable clip, the liberal host of “Fox News Sunday” says that Joe Biden’s inaugural address was the best he’d ever heard including the historic John Kennedy address of 1961. Whoa! Could you be a little more fawning and obsequious, Chris? I don’t think you’ve got your chin on the floor yet!

“It was a great speech … It was a call to our better angels,” Wallace said, adding that the address was more of a sermon than a speech.

Maybe Wallace was watching a different speech than the one I slept through!

To add insult to injury, Wallace celebrated Biden’s line that “There is truth and there are lies — lies that are told for power and lies that are told for profit” as a well-aimed shot at the conservative media including Fox News.

Wallace as much as did a mea culpa for the network and made it clear he thought that conservatives, whom I am pretty sure he thinks are all white supremacists, had better shut up and do what King Joe wants.

Oh brother! What a great start to four miserable years! Please, Fox, Fire this buffoon!

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2 Replies to “Chris Wallace goes gaga over Biden inaugural address… ‘Best ever!’”

  1. Jim Acosta, Jim Comey, April Ryan, and Chris Wallace all have in common their hatred for Trump, their outspoken disgust of Trump and their merciless dismissal of Trump which makes all these people heroes to the people who are disgusted by people who respect religion, God, Family and country. We may want Chris Wallace gone so I don’t need to see his smarmy attitude, but he is a hero to the Washington, D. C., Cocktail Circuit. Just as John Roberts is a hero to the people who think “standing up to Trump” was brave. It’s not that brave when you know that there will be no boycotting if you do, no cancelling if you do, no Hollywood shows cancelled if you do, your personal information will not be published and they can count on only praise from the media for being brave enough to mock and make fun of a man who shares the values of half the country. That’s Chris Wallace, one brave reporter alright. If fox fired him and he got a job at NBC, abc, CBS, MSNBC or CNN, he would be a little fish in the big ponds. He enjoys thinking he is the big fish in the little pond, a “Reporter Laureate.” Heather Mac Donald wrote a book that should have included Chris Wallace and put him on the cover called: “Delusional.”

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. We absolutely have proof of major conspiracies against President Trump but this makes us sound paranoid. When more than five separate industries conspire to form public opinion against President Trump and produce negative stories, twisted stories, and oftentimes just plain wrong stories, it’s kind of obvious it’s a concerted effort to use propaganda to sway people toward a specific end. (1) Democrat-media, (2) entire networks of reporters, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, (3) Google – search for Trump and you get all bad all the time, (4) Twitter Jack and his pals Sean Penn and other Hollywood role models, (5) Hollywood and Broadway self righteous big shots. I could find other contributors to the conspiracy, particularly Mitch and Paul Ryan, but those are the saddest of all. His own political parties who will shake your hand with one hand while they pick your pocket with the other. Biden could have said anything, and mumbled “you know the thing,” when quoting the Declaration of Independence, and Chris Wallace would have said it was a brilliant speech. President Trump’s inauguration speech was dynamic full of promises and hope and I remember Chris Mathew’s and Chris Wallace saying it was dark. I can’t listen to or believe a word the “democrat political media” says or writes.


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